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Installation of 5 Ton And 15 Ton Overhead Cranes in Thailand

Aicrane AQ-LD single girder 5 ton overhead crane and AQ-LH double girder 15 ton overhead crane were installed in our customer’s machinery workshop in Thailand. These overhead cranes are mainly used to lift and move mechanical products such as pumps and air compressors, with a span of 11.25m, a lifting height of 13.75m, work duty of A3, pendant control and remote control.

5 Ton Overhead Crane in Thailand
Installation of 5 Ton Overhead Crane in Thailand
15 Ton Overhead Crane in Thailand
15 Ton Overhead Crane in Thailand

How to Install Overhead Cranes in Thailand?

Generally speaking, we provide different installation options according to customer requirements: we can send installation engineers to guide the installation on site, or provide online installation guidance. In this case, since the customer’s staff is very experienced in installing overhead cranes in Thailand, they installed the cranes themselves, and Aicrane’s installation engineers provided online guidance, which also saves installation costs.

Test Run of 5 Ton & 15 Ton Overhead Cranes in Thailand

After installation, the 5 ton and 15 ton overhead cranes were tested to ensure they could safely travel throughout their work area. If you are interested, watch the overhead crane test video below.

FAQs About Overhead Cranes in Thailand

How Long Is Delivery Time of Your Overhead Cranes?

The delivery time of the 5 ton and 15 ton overhead cranes is 40 working days.

What Are Your Payment Methods?

The payment methods we accept are T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. We also accept credit card payment, and our Paypal account supports credit card payment.

How Long Is Your Overhead Crane Warranty?

The warranty period of our overhead crane is 1 year. If there is a failure or component damage caused by quality problems within 1 year, our company is responsible for free replacement of accessories.

Do You Have An Agent or Distributor in Thailand?

No, we currently have overseas offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. We are also looking for agents in other countries.

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