Infrared Thermometer

We sell infrared thermometer in bulk. This non-contact IR temperature gun can easily and quickly measure body temperatures from a safe distance, and get accurate temperature readings. If you are looking to purchase infrared thermometers in bulk, we can offer you a discount.

Features of Infrared Thermometer


  • Non-contact rapid temperature measurement
  • Measure temperature in one second


  • The error is within ± 0.3 ℃

3-color backlight

  • Red, green, yellow


  • High temperature alarm

Multiple uses

  • It can measure body temperature, surface temperature of milk, bath water, etc.

Automatic data recording

  • Quickly know historical temperature values

Infrared Thermometer Price
Infrared Thermometer for Sale

Infrared Thermometer Price

The price of infrared thermometer depends on the quantity. If you order in large quantities, we can offer you a preferential price. Contact us today to get the latest price!

Infrared Thermometer Instructions

Press the power or memory button, aim the detector at 5-10cm from the center of the forehead and press the measurement button. The measurement is completed after 1 second with a beep sound.

How to Order

You can either fill out the contact form below or email your inquiry to let us know some basic information, including the product you need, quantity, mode of transportation, your destination, etc. We will get back to you immediately after receiving your inquiry and provide you with a suitable quote.

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