Gantry Crane Model

We offer an extensive range of gantry cranes for your lifting applications indoors or outdoors. The following are a few gantry crane models for your reference: AQ-MH standard single girder gantry crane: AQ-MH type is a sort of small and medium-sized gantry crane, used with CD1, MD1 electric hoist. The working environment is -20 ℃ … Read more

Safe equipment for cranes

The crane is a kind of machinery for circulating and intermittent movement. The device for picking things lifts the articles from the place of acquisition, then moves the items horizontally to the designated address to lower the articles, and then carries out the reverse movement so that the collecting devices come back in place for … Read more

Lifting innovations

Recently, it was learned from the Henan Provincial Industrial and Information Technology Committee that the six products independently developed by AIMIX were identified as the new industrial products of Henan Province in 2017 and they were included in the “2017 New Industrial Products Catalog of Henan Province”. This time, our products included in the catalogue … Read more

Bridge crane beam design

Bridge cranes are widely used in metalworking workshops, assembly workshops, metal mechanism workshops, maintenance workshops, various types of warehouses and other occasions. They can also be used for metallurgy and foundry workshops to assist in lifting. After considering the requirements of wind and rain protection and improving the design, it can be used in open … Read more

Qualified Overhead Cranes

How can the crane be qualified? Cranes are widely used in machinery manufacturing workshop, petroleum, petrochemical, port, railway, power station, paper, building materials, electronics and other industries, such as workshop, warehouse, material field and so on. It has the advantages of compact shape, the low height of building clearance, light self-weight, and small wheel pressure. … Read more

Variable Frequency Speed Drive

(Variable Frequency Drives, hereinafter referred to as VFD) Is a motor controller Control speed and torque by changing the input voltage and frequency of the motor VFD is widely used in crane products, it has a wide range of advantages, including reducing load swing and more precise control of movement and so on. Since spare … Read more

Crane Crafts

The production equipment of the aircraft industry needs the logistics and operation processing system that can reach the whole space without occupying the ground channel.The lockable hanging crane is responsible for carrying the valuables in the workshop and sending it to the assembly site. This saves precious time and greatly reduces the risk of damage. … Read more

Crane Features

We manufacture specially designed lifting equipment to meet the requirements of heavy lifting, station logistics, and component handling during assembly to take industrial steam turbine production to a new level. To be precise, it is raised to three levels: Tier 1: Two special cranes for steel handling Layer 2: Three universal cranes for material handling … Read more

Crane Motor Start Type

The difference between the soft start of the motor and the starting of the decompression The soft start of the motor is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electricity, coal, water conservancy, light industry and other industries. The rotor current of three-phase asynchronous motor starts at 5~8 times of rated state because the rotor current … Read more

Jib Crane Highlights

Thanks to our unremitting pursuit and outstanding performance, today, we have become the world’s leading, comprehensive product manufacturer and supplier in the field of material transportation. We can achieve whether it is the promotion or the translation. Whether it is dozens of tons or a few kilograms, whether it is flat or straight line, whether … Read more