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Shipyard Industry

Shipyard Lifting Solutions

Cranes in the shipyard industry are used in a wide range of applications, from the assembly of individual light components to the transport of hulls weighing several hundred tons and the launching of ships and yachts. Aicrane has many years of experience in providing shipyard lifting solutions to customers around the world, and can provide precise crane solutions according to customer needs!

For Different Applications, We Have Different Solutions For Shipyards!

Different applications within a shipyard require different lifting solutions. From hull component handling, boat assembly, boat transfer on land, to boat on and off water, boat repair and maintenance, and more, we provide shipyard lifting solutions designed specifically for your application to improve the efficiency and safety of your shipyard.

1. Boat Building & Assembly
2. Boat Launching & Ashore
3. Boat Transfer
4. Boat Repair & Maintenance

1. Boat Building And Assembly

Aicrane overhead and gantry cranes can be used in every process of boat building and assembly operations, providing the required lifting capacity throughout the production process. When working with metal parts, our lifting equipment also ensures efficient handling of loads. They also guarantee accurate placement of heavy loads, such as large fittings when building hulls.

You can select from our wide range of overhead and gantry crane products for your ship building and assembly operations.

Shipyard Gantry Crane

Shipyard Gantry Crane For Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding gantry crane is a special type of gantry crane designed for assembling the hull on the slipway in the shipyard. It has the following features:

Large load capacity and heavy self-weight; Large span and high lifting height; Many safety protection devices; Multiple and complex functions.

2. Boat Launching And Ashore

Shipyard, ship repair yard or yacht clubs can use our boat lifts or slipway winches to get their boats on and off the water. Our engineers can recommend a suitable solution based on your specific needs and budget.

Option One: Boat Lifts For Boat Launching And Ashore

Mobile boat lifts can be used for launching ships or going ashore, and commonly found in yacht marinas, yacht clubs, ship repair workshops, shipyards, ports, docks, etc. Our boat travel lift can handle boats or yachts of different tonnage (10 tons – 1200 tons), and can be designed and manufactured according to different requirements of customers.

Boat Travel Lift

Model MBH
Rated lifting capacity 10-1200t
Span 6.5-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Running speed 0-40m/min

Option Two: Slipway Winches For Boat Launching And Ashore

We offer a wide range of slipway winches for moving boats in and out of the water through slipways. The slipway can be used when a boat must be pulled ashore for repairs and maintenance. Generally, there are two options to pull the boat using slipway winches: using airbags to pull the boat ashore and using the rail trolley to pull the boat ashore.

60 Ton Slipway Winch In Indonesia

60 Ton Slipway Winch For Shipyard

Slipway Winch For Sale Indonesia

Ship Launching Using Airbags

Using the airbags to pull boats ashore

Brief Introduction:
  • Airbags are an innovative way of pulling ships ashore.
  • Its economic efficiency, flexibility, security and technicality are excellent.
  • The construction cost is relatively low, the maintenance and management are convenient.
  • It can be adapted to different types of ships.
  • Many large ships use airbags to pull them ashore, especially suitable for new shipyards or some temporary ship launching and ashore tasks, such as pulling ship ashore for repair in remote areas.

Project Case in Indonesia:

An AQ-JMM 60 ton slipway winch was installed in Indonesia to pull boats ashore for maintenance. The customer chose the AQ-JMM electric friction winch to pull the boat based on its many advantages:

1. The output rope position of the winch does not change, and there is no wire rope deflection angle, so it can reduce the wear of the wire rope and increase the service life.

2. The output rope tension and speed of the winch are constant, so the whole machine runs stably and the impact force is small.

Slipway Winch to UAE

Boat Slipway Winch

Pulley Block

Pulling Boats Using Rail Trolley

Using the rail trolley to pull boats ashore

Brief Introduction:
  • The rail trolley is a traditional way of pulling boats ashore. It is often used for pulling small tonnage ships ashore. Generally, the pulley will be added to increase the magnification to increase the end pulling force.
  • When you communicate with our engineers, you will need to provide the following parameters in order to recommend a suitable slipway winch for your application:
  • 1. The self-weight of the largest ship pulled and the self-weight of the rail trolley
  • 2. Slope of slipway track
  • 3. Requirements for the running speed of the rail trolley along the track
  • 4. Length of slipway

Project Case in UAE:

An AQ-JMM slipway winch was delivered to UAE for 500T vessel. The customer will use the winch to pull vessels along the rail. According to the customer requirements, the slipway winch speed is controlled by frequency inverter speed control.

3. Boat Transfer

Boat owners can use our boat lifts to get the boat out of the water and transfer it to the repair workshop for repair and maintenance. The boat hoist has the functions of straight movement, 90-degree lateral movement, oblique movement, pivot steering, Ackerman steering, forward swing and retral swing, which allow you to place the boat to any designated place as required.

Project Case in Nigeria

We have provided a 500 ton boat travel lift for boat transfer to one of our our Nigerian customers. Check out below to find out how we provided the boat lift solution for this Nigerian customer, as well as the 500 ton boat lift test video in our factory before shipping.

  • Receive customer inquiry – we received an inquiry on our website for a 500 ton boat travel lift from Nigeria. The client shipyard needed a boat lift to transfer the boats.
  • Confirm the needs with the customer and provide the design plan – according to the maximum ship weight and ship dimension provided by the customer, we designed a plan for the customer. Our engineers constantly revised the drawings and schemes according to the needs of customers to ensure that the configuration and parameters of the boat lift meet the customer’s requirements.
  • Customer visits – the client attached great importance to product quality. Therefore, the customer proposed to visit our factory. We welcomed him to visit our factory, which was also a good opportunity to enhance mutual understanding and trust. After the customers visited our factory, he was very satisfied with the quality of our boat lift.
  • Receive the purchase oder – after we confirmed all the details of the 500 ton boat lift design with the customer and ensured that the customer’s requirements were met, we finally got the customer’s purchase order.
  • Production and testing – during the production process, we regularly updated the production progress to the customer with pictures. After the production was complete, we assembled and tested the equipment in our factory to make sure it can work properly.
  • Shipping and installation – now the boat lift has been shipped to Nigeria and will be installed soon. The Aicrane after-sales service team will provide installation guidance to the customer.

4. Boat Repair And Maintenance

You can use our bridge and gantry cranes to repair and maintain your boat in the ship repair yards and shipyards. Aicrane has various types of bridge and gantry cranes for you to choose from, including: single and double girder overhead cranes, single and double girder gantry cranes, semi gantry cranes, single-beam and double-beam rubber tyred gantry cranes, etc. In addition, we provide your shipyard with steel structure workshops for boat fabrication, assembly and repair.


Overhead Cranes


Gantry Cranes


Semi Gantry Cranes


Electric Rubber Tyred Cranes


Hydraulic Rubber Tyred Cranes


Steel Structure Workshops

Overhead Crane in Shipyard

Gantry Crane in Shipyard

Semi Gantry Crane For Shipyard Workshop

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane in Shipyard

Double Beam Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Steel Structure Workshop for Shipyard

What Services Does Aicrane Offer?

      • 1. One-stop service: from the shipyard solution consultation, design, equipment production to delivery and installation, Aicrane provides one-stop solution, saving customers time and effort.
      • 2. After-sales guarantee: the company supports online or on-site installation guidance, provides related documents (operation manual, maintenance manual, etc.), online training and other after-sales services, and our online customer service responds in a timely manner to solve customer problems.
      • 3. Customized service: we are always customer-centric, aiming to meet customer needs, and provide customized shipyard lifting solutions according to the special needs of customers.
      • 4. Overseas offices: at present, Aicrane has established overseas branches or offices in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia to provide customers with convenient services.

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