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Steel Mill Lifting Solutions

Whether loading steel coils or transporting molten metals, steel mill workers need cranes to properly and safely handle weights in hazardous environments. We supply a wide range of steel mill crane products to meet the needs of different processes in the steel industry: casting, feeding, forging, storage, etc.

  • Supply Cranes for Each Stage of Steel Production

Different Types of Cranes Used in Steel Mills

The cranes used in steel mills participate in specific operations in the steel production process. The basic structure is similar to ordinary bridge cranes, but the hoisting trolley is equipped with special working mechanisms or devices. The working characteristics of this type of crane are frequent use, harsh working environments, and high level of work. Read on to learn about the main types of steel mill cranes.

Grab Crane for Steel Handling

Grab Crane

Hydraulic grab crane has a large grasping force, which is ideal for grabbing pig iron, scrap steel, iron filings, slag, etc. The grab overhead and gantry crane is commonly found in industries such as metal manufacturing, scrap steel recycling, garbage disposal, biological power generation, etc.

The hydraulic grab itself is equipped with an opening and closing structure, which is generally driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The opening and closing of multiple jaws controls the grabbing of materials. Therefore, the hydraulic grab has a large grabbing force and a high degree of automation.

Electromagnetic Crane

Electromagnetic crane is commonly used to lift cast iron ingots, steel balls, pig iron blocks, machining chips, scrap steel, miscellaneous iron and recycled materials in foundries.

The electromagnetic crane with hanging beam is suitable for handling magnetic materials such as section steel, bar, steel plate, billet, pipe, etc., commonly found in steel rolling line, finished product warehouse, steel stockyard, blanking workshop, etc.

The cranes are available in normal temperature and high temperature types, and two or more cranes are often used when working. Depending on the type of magnetic material, the design of the electromagnet’s magnetic circuit is different.

Electromagnetic Crane in Steel Mill

Coil Handling Overhead Crane

Coil Handling Crane

The coil handling crane is widely used in coil rolling and handling in steel mills, warehouse and dock stacking, etc. It can be equipped with a rotating mechanism to achieve 270° rotation. The rated lifting capacity is 10t, 20t, 30t, 40t.

Slab Handling Crane

The slab handling crane is a special equipment for handling slabs, especially high-temperature slabs. It can be used for transporting high-temperature slabs across production lines to the slab warehouse, heating furnace or transferring normal-temperature slabs in the finished product warehouse for stacking, loading and unloading.

Slab Handling Overhead Crane

Steel Mill Casting Crane

Steel Mill Casting Crane

The casting crane is used for lifting molten iron into the mixing furnace, steelmaking furnace, and lifting molten steel into continuous ingot casting equipment or steel ingot molds. The main trolley lifts and transports the bucket, and the auxiliary trolley performs auxiliary tasks such as turning the bucket.

Steel Mill Feeding Crane

The feeding crane is used to add charge to the open hearth. The lower end of the column of the main trolley is equipped with a picking rod, which is used to pick up the material box and send it into the furnace. The main column can rotate around a vertical axis, and the pick rod can swing up and down and rotate. The auxiliary trolley is used for auxiliary operations such as furnace repair.

Steel Mill Feeding Crane

Overhead Crane for Forging

Forging Crane

The forging crane is used to forge large workpieces with hydraulic press. A special turning device is hung on the hook of the main trolley to support and turn the work piece, and the auxiliary trolley is used to lift the work piece.

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Customized Lifting Solutions From Aicrane

Steel plants are one of the industries that use overhead and gantry cranes the most, and have high requirements for reliability and failure-free rate. To this end, Aicrane is committed to providing customers with highly reliable and safe lifting equipment, perfectly adapted to the specific application and production environment of the steel plant. We can custom design and manufacture cranes for each stage of steel production. Talk to our crane professionals to get customized steel mill lifting solutions.

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