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Lifting Solution for Ports And Terminals

In maritime logistics, the effectiveness of port and terminal operations is crucial for the efficient and safe movement of goods. Our lifting solutions, including RMG container cranes, reach stackers, winches and more, are designed to provide practical and reliable solutions for the challenges faced in port handling.

Lifting Solution for Port Terminals
Lifting Solution for Port Terminals

RMG Cranes: Improving Port Container Handling Efficiency

Rail mounted container gantry cranes are integral components in ensuring the efficient movement of containers. These port gantry cranes, designed for precision, adaptability, and customization, play a pivotal role in efficient cargo handling processes within ports and terminals.

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane for Port
Rail Mounted Gantry Crane for Port

RMG Container Crane Specifications

  • Lifting Capacity: Our RMG cranes are available in various lifting capacities to handle a diverse range of container sizes and weights. Common capacities range from 30 to 50 tons or more, depending on specific operational requirements.
  • Span Width: The span width of rail mounted gantry cranes can be customized based on the layout of the container yard. This ensures optimal coverage and adaptability to different stacking configurations.
  • Lifting Height: These container gantry port cranes are designed to reach considerable lifting heights, allowing them to efficiently stack containers in high-density storage areas. Lifting heights can be customized based on terminal requirements.
  • Rail Gauge: The rail gauge of RMG cranes is adjustable to accommodate different rail configurations within the terminal. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into existing rail systems.

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Specifications

Load capacity30-50t
Lifting height12.3-21m
Lifting speed9.2-12.5m/min
Trolley running speed45-56m/min
Crane running speed42-50m/min
Work dutyA6-A8
Custom designs available

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Features of Our RMG Container Cranes

  • Precision in Container Handling: RMG cranes are known for their precise container handling capabilities. The ability to position containers accurately minimizes loading and unloading times, contributing to faster vessel turnarounds.
  • Adaptable to Various Cargo Types: These cranes are versatile and can handle various cargo types, including standard containers, oversized loads, and project cargo. Their adaptability makes them suitable for terminals with diverse cargo requirements.
  • Safety Features: Rail mounted container gantry cranes are equipped with safety features such as anti-collision systems and advanced control mechanisms. These features prioritize the safety of cargo and personnel, ensuring smooth and secure operations.

Simply put, our rail mounted gantry cranes are adaptable to fulfill precise port and terminal needs. Should you require a tailored rail mounted container gantry crane, feel free to reach out to us.

Winch Solutions: Enhancing Port and Terminal Operations

Our winch solutions are designed with precision to cater to specific needs within ports and terminals, offering efficient solutions for mooring operations, towing, and anchor handling.

Mooring Operations:

Mooring operations are critical for securing vessels to the dock, ensuring a safe and stable connection. Our mooring winches are tailored to handle the precise requirements of securing ships during berthing.

Mooring Winches for Port
Mooring Winches for Port

Our mooring winch solutions come in different types and can be tailored to your specific needs. They are categorized based on power sources, with options for both electric mooring winches and hydraulic mooring winches. Additionally, you can choose from various drum configurations, including both single drum and double drum mooring winches.

Double Drum Mooring Winch for Port
Double Drum Mooring Winch for Port

Towing Operations:

Our winch solutions for towing are engineered to provide the necessary power and control required for effective vessel maneuvering. Whether it’s assisting ships in transit or facilitating the movement of barges and other watercraft, our towing winches ensure reliable and precise towing operations.

Similarly, our towing winches are available with both electric and hydraulic power sources, and you can opt for either single drum or double drum configurations depending on your specific needs.

Towing Winch for Tugboat
Towing Winch
Winch Solution for Ship Towing
Winch Solution for Ship Towing

Anchor Handling:

Our winch solutions for anchor handling are designed to manage the deployment and retrieval of anchors on ships during docking or while at anchor. These anchor winches are equipped with the strength and reliability needed to handle anchors safely and efficiently, contributing to the overall safety of maritime operations.

The types of anchor winches we provide include: electric anchor winches, hydraulic anchor winches, single gypsy anchor winches, double gypsy anchor winches and more.

Single Gypsy Anchor Winch for Sale
Single Gypsy Anchor Winch
Double Gypsy Anchor Winch for Sale
Double Gypsy Anchor Winch

Reach Stackers: Streamlining Cargo Handling in Ports and Terminals

In port and terminal operations, the container reach stacker is a versatile and efficient solution for cargo handling. This robust piece of equipment plays a crucial role in optimizing container movements, offering flexibility, and contributing to the overall efficiency of port activities.

  • Versatility in Cargo Handling: A key feature of reach stackers lies in their versatility in handling various types of cargo. Whether dealing with standard containers, flat racks, or other oversized loads, these machines adapt to the diverse needs of port and terminal operations.
  • Precise Stacking and Retrieval: Reach stackers are specifically designed for precise stacking and retrieval of containers in container yards. Equipped with advanced lifting capabilities and a telescopic boom, these machines efficiently reach containers even in high stacks. This precision is crucial for maximizing storage space and optimizing the organization of container yards.
  • Flexibility in Operation: The flexibility offered by container reach stackers is evident in their ability to operate in various environments within the port. Whether it’s transferring containers between ship and yard, stacking containers in the storage area, or loading and unloading trucks and trains, these machines can adapt to different operational scenarios. Their versatility contributes to a smoother and more streamlined cargo flow.
  • Efficient Time Management: Reach stackers significantly contribute to efficient time management in port and terminal operations. Their quick operational turnaround time, combined with precise container handling, results in faster vessel and truck turnarounds. This efficiency is vital in meeting tight schedules and optimizing the overall productivity of the terminal.
  • Environmental Considerations: Reach stackers are designed with environmental considerations in mind. Energy-efficient technologies, reduced emissions, and eco-friendly features contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of cargo handling operations.
Container Reach Stacker in Port
Container Reach Stacker in Port
Reach Stacker for Port
Reach Stacker for Port

Our One-stop Solutions for Your Port and Terminal Operations

We offer one-stop solutions for your port and terminal operations, including equipment design and manufacturing to timely delivery, installation, and after-sales service, ensuring efficient journey for our clients.

Custom Equipment Design:

Our lifting equipment is tailored to meet the unique needs of your port or terminal. Our team of experienced engineers and project consultants work closely with clients to understand specific requirements, ensuring that each piece of equipment is optimized for functionality, efficiency, and safety. Whether it’s RMG container cranes, reach stackers, marine winches, or other material handling solutions, our designs are customized to meet varied needs of customers.

RMG Crane Design
RMG Crane Design

Precision Manufacturing:

Equipped with advanced technology and operated by skilled craftsmen, our manufacturing process ensures high quality standards. Each component is crafted to meet the specifications outlined in the design phase. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee the reliability and durability of our equipment.

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Timely Delivery:

We have dedicated shipping department to ensure that your equipment reaches its destination on schedule. They will book containers, prepare and confirm customs clearance documents for customers.

Delivery of RMG Crane
Delivery of RMG Crane

Expert Installation Services:

Our skilled technicians and installation teams will provide online or onsite installation guidance according to customer requirements. Whether it’s the assembly of RMG container cranes, the setup of winches, or the installation of any other handling solution, we ensure that the process is efficient, precise, and adheres to high safety standards.

On-site Installation of Gantry Crane
On-site Installation of Gantry Crane

Dedicated After-Sales Support:

Our dedicated after-sales support team is committed to providing prompt assistance and maintenance services. Whether you require technical support, routine maintenance, or spare parts, we are here to ensure the continued optimal performance of your lifting equipment. Our after-sales service is designed to maximize the lifespan of your investment and keep your operations running smoothly.

Aicrane Installation And After-sales Service
Aicrane After-sales Service

In a word, from custom design and precision manufacturing to timely delivery, expert installation, and dedicated after-sales support, we strive to be your trusted partner in achieving operational excellence. Contact us today to experience the efficient integration of our comprehensive lifting solutions into your port and terminal environment.

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