Grab Overhead Crane

QZ double girder grab overhead crane  is widely used in the workstations or the warehouses of the metallurgic industry, etc. The double girder overhead grab crane delivers particle materials such as Limestone, Kuang fen, cinder, coke, coal, sand, Ore. It’s working environment determines the grab crane must be capable of a high performance, with the A6 working grade. It’s working environment temperature ranges from-20℃to 40℃, which can both work in the severe cold and hot environment. Are you in need of such grab overhead crane with grab?

5-10t QZ Double Girder Grab Overhead Crane
5-10t QZ Double Girder Grab Overhead Crane

The main structure of the Ellsen double girder overhead crane with grab contains bridge, traveling mechanism of the larger traveler, the car, grab, and electrical equipment. With decades years experience in the crane design and manufacturing industry, Ellsen will always provide you the ideal double girder or single girder overhead crane with a grab with different tones. Specific requirements from our customer will also feedback to our expert center, and we will develop the crane customizes crane products in the instant time. Following technical and designing advantages you shall not miss!

20t Ellsen QZ Double Girder Grab Crane
20t Ellsen QZ Double Girder Grab Crane

Leading designed grabs that meet your specific demands on double girder grab overhead crane

Four Rope Grab of the Double Overhead Grab Crane
Four Rope Grab of the Double Overhead Grab Crane

Four rope grab

In all kinds of crane with two group of motor drum (motor hoist), each group motor drum lead

The double girder grab overhead crane with grab has two wire ropes, they make one group wire ropes rooted in the balance for supporting another group of wire rope pass the up beam pulley and the down beam pulley composite a pulley block an S open and close grab the bucket.

Work wire rope will lift the grab bucket in a good place and then shut down the support rope. Rely on the dead weight and the down beam forced the down beam big shaft as center open the grab body. When the two ear plates touch piece smash together the grab body part open Maximum and when opening the grab bucket.



Human-oriented and comfortable cabinet of the double girder grab overhead crane

Human orinented and confortable cabnient
Human-oriented and comfortable cabinet

In the double girder overhead crane, it equips with a comfortable operating cabinet, whose design takes the operator’s working environment into consideration. In the cabinet, it installs air conditioning system, which will release the pressure of the temperature and help make a comfortable operating environment for the operator. In such circumstance, the operator can work more efficiently and avoid some safety problems. In the cabinet design, we also make a wide operating sight for the operator.

Double Controlling System for the double girder overhead crane with grab

Wireless Control System of Double Girder Overhead Grab Crane
Wireless Control System of Double Girder Overhead Grab Crane

The double girder overhead crane system adopts the double controlling system to enhance its working safety and efficiency to a large degree.

Ellsen Double Girder Overhead Crane with Grab for Sale

Workshop QZ Double Grider Overhead Crane with Grab
Workshop QZ Double Grider Overhead Crane with Grab

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We also provide you a series of grab cranes, especially in the steel mill. And any special demands from you, we will design a special crane project and product for you instantly. If you need we can also configure the double girder overhead crane with grab motor with Siemens Branded.

If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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