Grab Bucket Crane

The grab bucket crane belongs to the series products of classic cranes: Ellsen has advanced processing and manufacturing equipment and processing technology. In the meantime, we achieve lean management, lean production firstly in the same industry. To this end, it guarantees your products’ quality to meet the needs of users to the maximum degree.

Double Girder Overhead Crane With Grab Bucket
Double Girder Overhead Crane With Grab Bucket

On the Workshop Double Girder Grab Bucket Crane Production Line We Achieve:

Lean Production: all steel plates of the grab crane have undergone the process of shot blasting – spray primer – primer drying in the steel pretreatment production line. It is to eliminate the stress inside the steel plate. It effectively increases the adhesion of primer and steel plate to ensure the appearance of anti-corrosion quality.

Material selection for the workshop grab bucket crane: the material of the steel plate uses a full set of German Messer CNC plasma cutting machine, with fast cutting speed, low deformation, high precision, and the error can be controlled within 1mm. It can meet the high-quality standards of raw materials to achieve industry-leading level.

Customised QZ Double Girder Grab Overhead Crane for Sale
Customised QZ Double Girder Grab Overhead Crane for Sale

 Our advanced equipment With high performance

The workshop grab bucket overhead crane uses steel roll reel or seamless steel pipe. So, it needs the supplier have the leading-level production line. Ellsen has an industry-leading steel plate roll reel production and processing production line, from 1250 earth press pre-bending to the three-roll coiling round. It is to the longitudinal section of the cylinder and girth of the automatic welding center welding and heavy CNC horizontal lathe cylinder processing.

Optimized structure of the Workshop Grab Double Girder Overhead Crane that you shall not miss

10 Ton Grab Bucket Crane
10 Ton Grab Bucket Crane

  • The end beam welding uses double gun gantry submerged arc welding, which effectively protects the stability of the welding quality in the product.
  • The main beam took the lead in the use of efficient intelligent welding robot. The main beam is welded with advanced MAG welding, the use of AR + CO2 mixed protective gas, the main beam outside the four main welds using submerged arc automatic angle welding machine.
  • Main beam plate main butt weld and angle seam using ray detection and ultrasonic testing, to ensure the quality of the weld.
  • Crane wheel, wheel shaft after high-frequency quenching and quenching and tempering treatment, the effective elimination of internal stress, to ensure processing accuracy.

Small frame, reel, trolley and other large welded structure through the natural gas annealing furnace for return processing. It is to ensure that the product after processing precision welding. Ellsen has a car-type natural gas annealing furnace. The net seize of the inside furnace (length * width *height) is the 10000mm in length, 4000mm in width, 4000mm in height. It is called desktop natural gas annealing furnace, to meet the small frame, reel, carriage, balance beam, spreader and other cranes post – stress relieving annealing of various types of large and small welded structures.

Human orinented and confortable cabnient
Human orinented and confortable cabnient
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