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Semi Gantry Crane

What is a semi gantry crane?

Semi gantry crane is composed of bridge, crane running mechanism, trolley running mechanism and hoisting mechanism. It is a combination of overhead crane and gantry crane.

This type of crane can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor applications. It can also be installed below a pre-existing large overhead crane to increase your work efficiency without getting in the way of the overhead lifting process.

Our semi-gantry cranes can be configured in single girder or double girder design depending on your lifting requirements.

If you are interested in our gantry cranes, please feel free to contact one of our professionals to get the most suitable crane system for your facility!

Customer Cases

10T+20T semi gantry cranes in Uzbekistan

10T+20T Semi Gantry Cranes For Sale
10T+20T Semi Gantry Cranes

10T+20T Semi Gantry Cranes in Uzbekistan
10T+20T Semi Gantry Cranes in Uzbekistan

European standard semi gantry crane in Nigeria

European Standard Semi Gantry Crane in Nigeria
European Standard Semi Gantry Crane in Nigeria

Single Girder Semi-portal Crane for sale
Single Girder Semi-portal Crane

Aicrane Hot Selling Semi Gantry Cranes

BMH single girder semi portal crane


1. SWL up to 20 tons

2. Spans up to 30m

3. Quick and easy installation

4. Low investment costs

5. Low structural load

Single Girder Semi-gantry Crane for Sale
Single Girder Semi-gantry Crane

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-BMH
Load capacity 3-20t
Span 8-30m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 0.33-8m/min
Trolley running speed 20m/min
Crane running speed 20m/min
Work duty A3, A4

BMG double girder semi goliath crane


1. SWL up to 32 tons

2. Spans up to 30m

3. Higher working speed

4. Additional features can be easily added.

5. High functionality, flexibility and ease of operation

Double Girder Semi Gantry Crane for Sale
Double Girder Semi Gantry Crane

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-BMG
Load capacity 5-32t
Span 12-30m
Lifting height 6-12m
Lifting speed 6-11.5m/min
Trolley running speed 37-40.1m/min
Crane running speed 37.7-40.1m/min
Work duty A3-A6

European style semi-gantry crane


1. European type electric hoist

2. Optimized design of main beam, low wheel pressure and light weight

3. Three-in-one drive mechanism, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

4. Long service life, better appearance and compact structure

European-style Semi Gantry Crane For Sale
European-style Semi Gantry Crane

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-BMH European Type
Load capacity 3.2-20t
Span 8-30m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 0.66-5m/min
Trolley running speed 2-20m/min
Crane running speed 3-30m/min
Work duty A5

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Applications of Semi Gantry Cranes

Semi portal crane is mostly used for material handling in mechanical processing workshops, open spaces and warehouses. It can be installed under a pre-existing large overhead crane to improve work efficiency without hindering the overhead lifting process.

2 Ton Semi Gantry Crane in Machine Shop

3 Ton Semi Gantry Crane in Workshop

10 Ton Semi Gantry Crane in Workshop
10 Ton Semi Gantry Crane in Workshop

20 Ton Semi Gantry Crane in Machining Workshop
20 Ton Semi Gantry Crane in Machining Workshop

Semi Gantry Crane Design to Your Specs!

We provide semi gantry cranes for different industrial fields, such as manufacturing and metallurgy industries.

All types of gantry crane design and manufacturing process are strictly meet the national standards. And our gantry cranes are all qualified and they are tested and inspected by our professional crane inspection and testing equipment and engineer teams.

We have experienced engineers here to help you design the best possible gantry crane system to suit your factory.

If you are looking to purchasing a new semi gantry crane, please kindly provide the following information to help us serve you better and faster:

– Load capacity: ton?

– Span of the crane: m?

– Max. lifting height of the crane: m;

– Traveling length: m? Do you need us to provide the rail for you?

– How many hours will the crane work per day? How many times per hour?

– Electric Power supply: 3 phase 380V 50Hz?

– What kind of material will the crane lift?

European Style Semi Gantry Crane

National crane manufacturing standards

The crane is designed by strictly in line with the following national crane manufacturing standards:

Semi Gantry Crane With Carrier Beam
Semi Gantry Crane With Carrier Beam

  • Crane Design Code (GB3811)
  • Crane Safety Code (GB6067)
  • Crane Test Code and Regulations (GB5905)
  • Code for Construction and Acceptance of Lifting Equipment
  • Installation Project (GB50278) Wire Rope Electric Hoist (JB/ T9008.1~9008.6)
  • Quality Classification of Steel Wire Rope Hoists(JB/ZQ8004)
  • Safety Regulations for Wire Rope Electric Hoists” (JB9009)
  • Electric Hoist Gantry Cranes (JB/T5663)
  • Product Quality Score for Electric Single Girder Cranes Et al. (JB/ZQ8012)
  • Shape and Position Tolerance (GB/T1182-1184)
  • Steel Surface Corrosion Ratings and Degusting Grades (GB8923)
  • Planning Tests for Paints and Clear Films (GB9286)

Structure of Electric Semi Gantry Crane

Metal structure

  • The steel structures are mainly composed of main girders, outriggers, lower beams, upper beams, and ladders.
  • The main beam is in the form of single main beam structure, and an electric hoist is hung under the I-beam of the main beam.
  • One end of the main beam and the cross-section rectangular cross-section leg and the lower cross-member are bolted, and the other end and the upper cross-member are also bolted to facilitate disassembly.
  • The legs are welded in the form of a box structure. The force is concise and clear, and the appearance is elegant.
  • The lower beam and the upper beam are mainly welded by U-shaped beams.
  • The vertical deflection of the wheels, the horizontal deflection, and the installation of the vehicle running mechanism are all guaranteed by the manufacturer and welding of the lower beams.

Lifting mechanism

Lifting mechanism of the semi hoist machine using the electric hoist as the operating lifting crane, mainly consists of cone rotor motor, reducer, reel device, coupling, guide rope, hook device, electric trolley, drive device and electric appliance and other components. The components can be relatively independent in structure and easy to maintain and adjust.

Travelling mechanism

The crane trolley traveling mechanism consists of the active wheelset, passive wheelset, and cross beam. The whole machine has 4 wheels, 2 wheels on each side, and 1/2 drive. The wheel material uses cast steel wheels according to ZG340-640. The top of the crane uses double-rimmed wheels and the bottom uses rimless wheels; the buffer uses rubber buffers. Track models use the Chinese industry standard YB/T5055. The speed reducer adopts a closed speed reducer. The wheels are driven with open gears. The gear shafts are mounted on machined beams.

Electrical equipment

The crane power supply adopts AC 380V 50Hz, the cart uses the safe trolley wire to supply power; the electric hoist uses the cable to supply power. The crane also has safety protection devices such as overload protection and limit of various institutions.

Six electrical parts requirements of the semi gantry crane:

  1. Power supply for trolley: Single pole type trolley wire is used for power supply, and the travel distance is about (the actual working condition of the owner) m, and the power status indicator needs to be installed.
  2. Car power supply: Powered by cable. The trolley’s power supply is mounted on the conductive side.
  3. Working power AC380V (85%-110%) 50HZ
  4. The cranes are respectively equipped with power circuit, a control circuit, and an auxiliary circuit. Each terminal in the control cabinet is arranged at the front to facilitate maintenance. Each terminal is marked with a corresponding wire number sign, the inner wall of the conduit is smooth, and the outlet of the hard pipe and electrical equipment enter the line mouth installed rubber protection sleeve.
  5. The electric cabinet is installed on the lower beam; the cable-controlled remote switch is not allowed to operate remotely during remote control.
  6. Hoist cable traction device is I-beam and pulley, traction rope is stainless steel.

Safety system configuration of the crane

  1. The machine has overload protection
  2. Stroke and height protection: the crane’s various movement mechanisms are provided with extreme stroke or height protection.
  3. The crane is equipped with short circuit protection, voltage loss protection, zero position protection, over current protection and various necessary interlock protection devices.
  4. The trolley running mechanism is equipped with a rail and the rail is 10mm away from the rail surface so that obstacles on the rail can be removed.

How to paint the semi gantry crane

All steel plates and section steels are calibrated and pretreated. The quality reaches Sa2.5 (as specified in GB8923-88) and surface primer. The total thickness of the film is thicker than 75μm. One layer of epoxy zinc-rich primer and the other layer epoxy intermediate paint sprayed with a layer of chlorinated rubber paint.

Painting: After the components are finished, they must be painted carefully. The bottom of the paint, the epoxy zinc-rich primer, and coating should be carried out in strict accordance with the coating process. Damaged paint for various reasons should be repaired according to the process requirements.

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