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Aicrane Railway Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane

Aicrane railway gantry crane for sale:

  • Capacity 5-500T, customize span, height and other parameters
  • Can be mounted on rails or rubber tires
  • Used in rail yards and other transportation facilities to handle cargo containers or other heavy items between trains and trucks.

Specific Uses of Gantry Cranes in the Railway Industry

Railway gantry cranes are an essential tool for maintaining and operating a safe and efficient railway system. They are highly efficient and can handle heavy loads with ease, making them an essential part of the logistics and transportation industry. Railroad gantry cranes are used for several specific purposes in the railway industry. Some of the most common uses of gantry cranes in railway include:

Container Handling
General Cargo Handling
Bulk Material Handling
Heavy Machinery And Equipment

Railway Gantry Crane for Container Handling
Railway gantry cranes are commonly used for container handling in rail yards and intermodal facilities. These cranes are designed to efficiently load and unload containers from trains, as well as stack them in storage areas. They are designed to lift and move standard shipping containers, such as 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot containers, commonly used in intermodal transportation.

Railway Gantry Crane for Cargo Handling
Railway gantry cranes can also handle general cargo, which includes a wide range of packaged goods, machinery, and equipment. They can lift and move palletized loads, crates, drums, and other types of packaged cargo.

Railway Gantry Crane for Bulk Material Handling
Gantry cranes can be used to transfer bulk materials, such as coal, grain, and ore, from railcars to storage yards or from storage yards to trucks. They are equipped with specialized attachments, such as clamshell buckets or grabs, to efficiently load and unload bulk cargo.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Railway
Railway gantry cranes have the lifting capacity to handle heavy machinery and equipment that is transported by rail. This can include construction equipment, industrial machinery, generators, turbines, and other oversized or heavy cargoes.

Different Types of Gantry Cranes Used in Rail Yards

In rail yards, different types of gantry cranes are used depending on the specific requirements and operational needs, such as single and double girder gantry cranes used to handle a wide variety of cargo, rail mounted gantry cranes specifically designed for stacking and moving containers within the rail yard, and rubber tyred gantry cranes for rail yards that require flexibility in terms of container positioning and layout.

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane for Rail Freight Yard
Rail Mounted Gantry Crane for Railway
Rail-mounted gantry cranes are typically used in container terminals or rail intermodal yards for handling containers. They are known for their ability to stack and move containers efficiently.

Lifting capacity:30-50t


Lifting height:12.3-21m

Custom design available

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Railway
Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Railway
Rubber tyred gantry cranes can be involved in rail-related activities, such as handling and moving of containers or cargo between rail and road transportation modes in intermodal or transshipment operations.

Lifting capacity:10-800t


Lifting height:6-18m

Custom design available

Single Girder Gantry Crane for Railway
Railway Single Girder Gantry Crane
Single girder gantry cranes are commonly used in railway maintenance facilities, workshops, and smaller rail yards. They are suitable for handling lighter loads and are more cost-effective compared to double girder gantry cranes. Single girder rail gantry cranes can be equipped with various lifting attachments such as hooks, grabs, or electromagnets to perform maintenance tasks on railway equipment or handle smaller loads.

Lifting capacity:3.2-20t


Lifting height:6-12m

Custom design available

Double Girder Gantry Crane for Railway Yard
Railway Double Girder Gantry Crane
Double girder gantry cranes are capable of handling heavier loads and offer increased lifting heights and capacities compared to single girder gantry cranes. Double girder gantry cranes are often used in larger railway yards, intermodal terminals, or container yards to handle containers, heavy machinery, locomotives, or larger railcars. They provide greater stability and structural integrity for lifting and moving heavier loads.

Lifting capacity:5-500t


Lifting height:6-18m

Custom design available

The specific choice of gantry crane type in a rail yard depends on factors such as the yard layout, container throughput, available space, and operational requirements. Contact us now to get a custom rail gantry crane solution.
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How Much Is a Railway Gantry Crane?

The cost of a railway gantry crane can vary significantly depending on several factors, including its specifications, type, lifting capacity, span, height, automation features, and the region where it is purchased. Additionally, factors such as customization, installation, and maintenance services can also impact the overall cost.

As an estimate, rail mounted container gantry cranes for railway freight yards typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Smaller gantry cranes in railway with lower lifting capacities and simpler features tend to be on the lower end of the price spectrum. On the other hand, larger gantry cranes with higher lifting capacities, longer spans, increased height, advanced automation, and additional features can command higher prices. Below is the price list of our railway gantry cranes for your reference:

Railway Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Prices

RMG 30 Ton Gantry Crane Price ( Span 22-32m)$264,000-$338,000
RMG 40 Ton Gantry Crane Price ( Span 22-32m)$352,000-$412,000
RMG 50 Ton Gantry Crane Price ( Span 22-32m)$411,000-$471,000

Double Girder Railway Gantry Crane Prices

AQ-MG 10 Ton Gantry Crane Price ( Span 18-35m)$44,000-$110,000
AQ-MG 20 Ton Gantry Crane Price ( Span 18-35m)$73,000-$147,000
AQ-MG 32 Ton Gantry Crane Price ( Span 18-35m)$88,000-$176,000
AQ-MG 50 Ton Gantry Crane Price ( Span 18-35m)$110,000-$206,000

Single Girder Railway Gantry Crane Prices

AQ-NMH 5 Ton Gantry Crane Price ( Span 10.5-31.5m)$14,000-$35,000
AQ-NMH 10 Ton Gantry Crane Price ( Span 10.5-31.5m)$19,000-$43,000
AQ-NMH 20 Ton Gantry Crane Price ( Span 10.5-31.5m)$29,000-$62,000

It’s important to note that the pricing provided here is a general estimate, and it is advisable to consult with Aicrane professionals to obtain accurate pricing information tailored to your requirements. They can provide detailed quotations based on your specific needs and also offer additional services such as installation, commissioning, and ongoing support.

Different Controls For Railway Gantry Cranes

The controls for railway gantry cranes can vary depending on the specific model, configuration and user’s preference. The common types of controls used for railway gantry cranes: pendant control, radio remote control and cabin control.

  • Pendant Control is a handheld control device connected to the crane by a cable. It typically has buttons or levers that allow the operator to control the crane’s movements, such as hoisting, lowering, trolley travel, and bridge travel.
  • Radio Remote Control is a handheld device that communicates with the crane using radio frequency signals. The operator can control the crane’s movements from a safe distance, allowing for better visibility of the load and the surrounding area.
  • Cabin Control is more often used with larger gantry cranes. The cabin is equipped with various control mechanisms, including joysticks, buttons, and switches, which enable the operator to control the crane’s movements and perform other functions.
Pendant Control
Pendant Control

Remote Control
Radio Remote Control

Cabin Control
Cabin Control

Railway Gantry Crane Scheme Design

We have professional crane engineer team to provide custom railway gantry crane scheme design to ensure its functionality, safety, and efficiency in the rail yard. The following are the actual scheme design of railway gantry cranes provided to our customers, each with detailed designs and engineering calculations tailored to the specific requirements of the rail yard.

40 Ton Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Design


RMG Gantry Crane for Railway Yards

Lifting capacity: 40T (under spreader)

Span: 22.2m

Lifting height: 7.5m

Single cantilever: 7m

Work duty: A7

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Rail Yards


Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Rail Yards

Lifting capacity: 50+50T

Span: 8m

Lifting height: 10m

Work duty: A5

50 Ton Railway Gantry Crane


50 Ton Railway Gantry Crane

Lifting capacity: 50T (including spreader)

Span: 27m

Lifting height: 12.5m

Work duty: A6

45 Ton Railway Gantry Crane


45 Ton Railway Gantry Crane

Lifting capacity: 45T (under spreader)

Span: 40m

Lifting height: 16.1m

Effective cantilever length: 9.3+11.1m

Work duty: A7


40 Ton Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Design
Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Rail Yards
50 Ton Railway Gantry Crane
45 Ton Railway Gantry Crane

Cases of Gantry Cranes in Railway

60 Ton Gantry Cranes For Railway
60 Ton Gantry Cranes For Railway in Chile


AQ-MG double girder

Work condition:

Loading and unloading containers

These are double girder 60 ton gantry cranes used for loading and unloading containers on a Chilean railway. The cranes are our European standard gantry cranes, which operate with frequency conversion and run more smoothly.

32 Ton Gantry Cranes For Railway
32 Ton Gantry Crane for A Logistics Station in Kazakhstan


AQ-MG double girder

Work condition:

Lifting and moving containers at the logistics station

This is a double girder 32 ton gantry crane used at a logistics station in Kazakhstan to lift and move containers, with span 30m, lifting height 13m, and work duty A5.

20 Ton Gantry Cranes For Rail Yard
20 Ton Gantry Crane for a Rail Yard in Kazakhstan


AQ-MH single girder

Work condition:

Loading and unloading steel in the railway yard

The specifications of this 20 ton gantry crane for railway yard include: span 32m, lifting height 15.6m, work duty A3, effective cantilever length 8+14m, cabin control and remote control, tie rod structure, constant tension cable reel power supply, used at low temperature of -40℃.

Aicrane Team

Aicrane One-stop Service For Gantry Cranes

Aicrane one-stop service is aimed at providing our customers with a convenient and hassle-free solution for their gantry crane needs. By offering a one-stop service, we can streamline the entire process of railway gantry crane procurement, installation, maintenance, and support. See below the one-stop service for gantry cranes provided by Aicrane.

Aicrane Service
Consultation and Quotation
We will offer consultation services to understand the specific requirements and needs of the customer. Our project consultants will help customers determine the suitable type and specifications of the railway gantry crane based on factors such as load capacity, span, lifting height, and operational environment, and provide customers with an accurate quotation.

Railway Gantry Crane Solution Design
Design and Engineering
We have a team of experienced engineers who will design the gantry crane system to meet the customer’s requirements. They will consider factors like structural integrity, safety features, and operational efficiency while creating the design to ensure the performance, safety and efficiency of the lifting equipment.

Gantry Crane Installation
Manufacturing and Installation
Aicrane has its own manufacturing facility to produce the gantry crane products. We strictly control the manufacturing process and ensure the quality of the equipment. Once manufactured, our after-sales service team will provide professional installation services to ensure proper setup and configuration of the gantry crane.

Aicrane Maintenance Service
Maintenance and Repair
Regular maintenance is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of rail gantry cranes. We can offer scheduled maintenance programs to inspect, lubricate, and repair the crane components as needed. We also have a team of skilled technicians available to address any unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions promptly.

Selection Guide for Railway Yard Gantry Cranes

When selecting gantry cranes for a rail yard, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Here is a selection guide that outlines key considerations:

Yard Layout and Space
Evaluate the layout and available space in the rail yard. Determine the required span of the gantry crane to cover the number of tracks and storage areas effectively. Consider any height restrictions or obstacles that may impact the crane’s movement and operation.

Lifting Capacity
Determine the maximum weight of the containers or cargo that will be handled in the rail yard. Select a railroad gantry crane with a lifting capacity that meets or exceeds the heaviest loads expected. Consider the future growth of cargo volumes to ensure the gantry crane can handle potential increases in weight.

Rail-mounted or Rubber-Tired
Decide whether a rail-mounted gantry crane or a rubber-tired gantry crane is more suitable for the rail yard. RMGs are ideal for yards with fixed track layouts, while rubber tyred mobile gantry cranes offer flexibility in container positioning and reconfiguration. Consider the terrain and ground conditions when deciding between rail or rubber-tired operation.

Container Size and Stacking
Consider the container sizes commonly handled in the rail yard. Ensure the railway gantry crane can accommodate various container sizes, such as 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot containers. Determine the required stacking height based on storage needs and available space for efficient container storage.

Operational Requirements
Assess the specific operational requirements of the rail yard. Consider factors such as the expected container throughput, productivity targets, and any specialized handling needs. Choose a gantry crane that can meet the operational demands, taking into account factors like lifting speed, trolley movement, and automation capabilities.

Safety Features
Prioritize safety features when selecting a gantry crane. Look for features such as anti-collision systems, load monitoring sensors, emergency stop mechanisms, and operator safety controls. Ensure the gantry crane meets relevant safety standards and regulations to safeguard workers and prevent accidents.

Maintenance and Serviceability
Consider the ease of maintenance and serviceability of the gantry crane. Look for features such as accessible components, availability of spare parts, and reliable technical support from the railway gantry crane manufacturer or supplier. Assess the crane’s reliability and maintenance requirements to minimize downtime.

Cost and Budget
Evaluate your initial cost, including installation, as well as the long-term operating costs associated with the gantry crane. Consider the crane’s energy efficiency, maintenance costs, and potential upgrades or modifications required in the future. Balance the upfront investment with the expected return on investment and the crane’s lifespan.

By considering these factors, a rail yard can select a gantry crane that aligns with its specific needs, improves efficiency, and ensures smooth container handling operations. You can also consult with experienced railway gantry crane manufacturers or suppliers who can provide valuable guidance in the selection process.

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