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1 Ton Gantry Crane

1 ton gantry crane manufactured from our company is a kind of light duty gantry crane together used in small machine shops, light warehousing and workstations. 1t gantry crane with factory price can meet you different requirements on small and light duty material handling operations. Customized service, fast delivering period and individualized crane purchasing solution provided by our professional crane engineers.

Different Types of 1 Ton Gantry Crane for Sale

The gantry crane 1 ton comes in a variety of types and sizes to suit your business’s lifting requirements, mainly including portable gantry crane and semi gantry crane. In addition, our crane can be custom designed and built to meet your special requirements.

1 Ton Gantry Crane for Sale
Quality 1 Ton Gantry Crane

1 ton portable gantry crane parameters:

  • Span: 2-16m
  • Lifting height: 2-12m
  • Lifting speed: 0.9-7.2m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 11m/min
  • Crane running speed: 6m/min or manual operation
  • Work duty: A2

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How to use the 1 ton gantry crane

The 1 ton single girder gantry crane is electric motor driven and easy to start. Before starting using the single girder gantry crane one ton, you need do the following basic things:

  • Firstly, read the gantry crane manual carefully and know the crane perfectly.
  • Secondly, practice more and well if you are a green hand for this equipment. The single girder gantry crane is easy to operate if your crane operator has never used it before, then we will provide our training service to your crane operator.
  • Thirdly, inspect every part of the 1 tonne gantry crane, confirm there are no abnormal conditions of the equipment.
  • In operation, be careful about the loading materials, should strictly according to the gantry crane operation manual for your crane operators safety facility.

The dummies’ guide to 1 ton gantry cranes

  • There are many tips for you to operate the gantry cranes easily and quickly. The following tips are just for your reference:
  • When the driver takes over, he should check the operating range of the door machine and its own equipment.
  • Whether the track surface has debris, cables, water pipes, etc.
  • Check if the wire rope breaks or leaves the groove and if the oil is enough.
  • Check pulley block and other equipment is abnormal.
  • Check the power supply is normal.
  • After a thorough inspection has confirmed that there is no abnormality, normal operation can be performed.
  • Check the transmission mechanism for oil leakage.
  • Before driving, you should confirm that the following conditions are in a safe state before starting up:
  • Whether all controllers are set to zero;
  • Is there any unrelated person on the crane crane and in the work area, and is the operator evacuated to a safe area?
  • Are there any uncleared obstacles within the operating range of the crane?
  • Is the minimum distance between the crane and other equipment or fixed structures above 0.5m?
  • Whether the power disconnect device is locked or has a warning sign;
  • Before driving, you must ring or alarm. When approaching a person during operation, an intermittent ring or alarm should also be given.
  • The operation should be conducted according to the command signal. The emergency stop signal, issued by anyone, should be executed immediately;
  • The main power supply can only be closed when no one is on or near the gantry crane. If the power disconnecting device is locked or marked, the person concerned shall remove it before closing the main power supply.
  • Before closing the main power source, all controller handles should be set to zero.
Small Portable Gantry Crane Cost
Small Portable Gantry Crane

The drivers shall do during normal operation:

  • Use permission limiter parking;
  • Use anti-vehicle braking;
  • Inspection and maintenance during lifting operations;
  • With the load to adjust the lifting, luffing mechanism of the brake, or load to increase the operating range.

The drivers shall not:

  • Crane structures or components (such as hoist, hooks, wire ropes, brakes, safety guards, etc.) have defects and damage that affect safe work;
  • Hanging objects may be overloaded or overloaded. The weight of the hanging objects is unclear, buried or frozen in the ground and squeezed by other objects.
  • Hanging objects are not tied tightly, or the hanging is unstable. There is no cushioning between the edges of the weights and the sling; there are people or objects floating on the hanging objects;
  • The workplace is dim and the site, hanging condition, or command signal is not visible.
  • Hanging objects shall not be passed over the top of the head. People shall not stand under hanging objects and lift arms.

In the event of a sudden power outage during work, all controller handlebars should be returned to the neutral position; before resuming work, it should be checked whether the crane movements are all normal; after confirming safety, normal operations can be performed.

Cranes working on the open track on the track shall anchor the crane when the work is completed. When the wind power is greater than six degrees, the work should generally be stopped and the iron shoes of the crane should be put down.

When the driver performs maintenance, he should cut off the main power source and attach a sign or lock. If there is a failure that has not been eliminated, the successor should be notified.

The driver should fill in the daily operation log, write down the use conditions, maintenance and abnormal conditions on the day to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment.

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