Gantry Crane Maintenance

To make your gantry crane have a long service life, we provide you with some common troubles of the gantry crane when you use it and some solutions to sole them. Hoist mechanism is the same except and gantry crane, there are many differences, such as rotation mechanism, luffing mechanism, there are also unique in their metal structure so that the fault situation also has the special place, here is the gate seat lifting machine common fault. The followings are failure phenomenon, cause analysis and troubleshooting method of rotating mechanism:

1. Wrench the handle of the main controller of the rotating mechanism, and the mechanism is not operated

  • Cause analysis: the contact of zero contact is bad or damaged.The voltage relay coil is broken or the lead is disconnected.The over-current relay often closes the contact.The wiring bolts are loose, the contact is bad and the bolts are tightened.
  • Troubleshooting: repair or replace the relevant components of the gantry crane.

2. The speed of rotation is slow and the speed is not up to the rated speed

  • Cause analysis: control panel in a stage of accelerating contactor is not good, will cause the pull and not after the next level of the contractor, it can not access the corresponding resistance in a motor rotor motor removed, it is not up to the rated speed.
  • Elimination method: check each acceleration contactor of each constant open contact, so that the contact is good at work, and the circuit at all levels is unblocked.
Double Girder Gantry Crane for Sale
Double Girder Gantry Crane for Sale

3. When the rotating mechanism is operated, the fuselage is jitter and cannot move.

  • Cause analysis: the first or second stage resistance of the rotor circuit of a rotary motor has a circuit breaker, causing the motor to run in phase, and the fuselage jitter is not moving.
  • Elimination method: find out the resistance of the motor rotor loop and find out the circuit breakers.
U Type Double GIrder Gantry Crane for Project
U Type Double GIrder Gantry Crane for Project

4. The rotating mechanism can sometimes be rotated in one direction

  • Cause analysis: The interlocking contact of the command controller is not closed in this direction.The total power contactor is damaged by interlocking contact and bad contact.The connection head is loose and should be tightened.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting the fault contacts. The rotary table supporting device of the sleeve roller wheel, the horizontal deformation of the ring down raceway, causes the rotary part running on the raceway.

5. Many small cracks and concave denudations along the circumferential direction on the track surface

  • Cause analysis: walking track foundation is not strong and low-lying, laying the adjustment of mismanagement, the two-track in the same section of the height difference of serious ultra poor and single track serious distortion in the long run.The overall crane is tilted, which is indirectly reflected in the circular orbit, causing a small area of stress concentration at the contact of the track and the roller.The hardening layer and the body are easily separated and peeled off under the high load repeated rolling of the roller, forming partial fatigue damage on the track surface.
  • Elimination method: commonly used repair method: disassemble the rotating parts and send factories to repair with large machine tools.Temporary repair method: stop the rotating parts to the end, the cracks in the cracks and the peeling off.

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