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Gantry Crane Installation

The main span of the crane main beam, due to the limit of transportation, is made in section.The installation of this kind of bridge should be first selected at the site of the installation site, and the pre-installed bolts of several sections of the bridge are connected to a whole.It is possible to use the track surface of the paved car as the horizontal reference.The bridge structure needs riveting. If the height of the running surface of the cart can’t satisfy the riveting operation, it can also take a certain height of the rack as the benchmark.The bridge across the track or on the shelf.The best frame is on the supporting surface connected with the leg, and the horizontal elevation of the car’s track on the upper side of the supporting surface is measured by the horizontal instrument.Single girder bridge on only one track, so only to find a point at both ends of each elevation can be the same.There are (root orbits) on the double beam bridge. It is necessary to find the same elevation of the common + points at both ends.

Measuring the gantry crane structures for your workstation

In the measurement of the span (when the span between the rigid leg supporting surface of the flexible leg supporting surface center to center distance), bridge diagonal deviation, the main frame of the level gauge deviation, side bending, the car in the same section (root trolley rail height difference and trolley track joints of height and lateral displacement index reach the required technical requirements, then all the joints of the bolt tightening.

The joint part of the hinged hole screw should be renamed in accordance with the tolerances specified in the pattern, and then the hinged hole is bolted with the bolt, so it can not be changed at will.When all the indexes are in accordance with the technical requirements and only the height difference of the rail joint of the car is exceeded, it is necessary to make the higher track joint into the inclined plane.The main beam of the box structure cannot be painted to resist rust and corrosion. In order to prevent water vapor from invading the inner cavity of the main beam, the seal of the inner cavity of the main beam must be guaranteed.Therefore, the joints of box structure should be connected with bolted joints except for bolts. The square plate must be welded on the big reinforcement boards on both sides of the joint according to the drawings.

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Joint parts of the gantry crane

The square plates must be welded around and not ventilated, and the ends of the main girders should be welded in the same way.For riveted joints of truss structures, the bridge shall first be placed on the track or rack that has been laid on the cart, and all the parts should be connected with pre-installed bolts to check the foregoing technical indicators.It must be noted that the chamber and the chamber should be padded according to the number of brackets inside each node of the bridge, which is larger than the actual camber value, so as to compensate for the subsidence caused by the weight of the bridge.When adjusting the size of each part, the pre-installed bolt of the adjusting part should be loosened slightly, and then tightened after adjustment. The reaming and riveting work will be carried out only when all the technical indexes have reached the requirements specified in the drawings and documents.

Installation of gantry crane leg and lower end beam

If the leg of the box structure is split apart, as long as the prescribed bolt is tightened according to the manufactured hole of the factory. A solid connection can be connected.The leg of the truss structure is dismantled and shipped, and the user unit should be reassembled according to the pattern. First, use the pre-installed bolts to connect the components well, and then check and adjust the geometric dimensions according to the items listed in order to meet the requirements of the drawings.If the main dimensions are within the tolerance range of the upper table, the reaming and riveting can be carried out.When the leg and the lower end beam are connected with the hinged hole bolt, the hinges are not carried out before the bridge is loaded, and then the verticality of the leg is verified to be reamed.In order to make the hole on the support face of the leg do not change, put it!The root leg is connected, then the leg and the bridge are installed and then removed.At the same time, in order to facilitate the installation of the leg, the electric room should be installed on the rigid leg without having to wait for the leg to be erected.

The installation of the trolley and the lower end beam (including the crane leg)

The installation of the driving trolley and the lower end beam, as well as the conditions, there are two methods of vertical and horizontal loading.In general, this method is installed with this method.Put the driving trolley (active, passive) on the track and effectively support it.The lower end of the supporting leg beam with integral dipping to trolley mounted, aligning articulated hole, put on the hinge shaft fastening on the shaft head of the baffle plate and bolt, and then put the cable with enough legs to be fixed, fixed cable tray lift and relax, at this time still need enough manpower to pull, and finally legs shifted to bridge, and the bridge connecting.

The installation method can be used if it is conditional

Put the trolley down and move to the support of the lower end beam. For example, the cable car is connected with the lower end beam as described in the vertical assembly method.Because the trolley is heavier, it needs to be laid on the bottom of the trolley. After the bridge is lifted, the assembled outrigger will be lifted up on the track and moved to the bottom of the bridge to connect it with bolts.Before lifting, in order to prevent the leg from dumping, should be bolt on the cable, so that it is easy to adjust.

Installation of Crane Leg and Bridge

Check the verticality of the leg according to the instructions of the table. The span of the wheel and the diagonal deviation are measured.If there is a deviation, use the cushion plate between the main beam and the leg to adjust, and add the skew pad when necessary.All gaskets should finally be welded to the support surface at the edge.After the size of each part is qualified, the bolt holes of the hinged leg and the bridge and the lower end beam are fixed according to the pattern. All the bolts are fastened with the bolts.After the size of each part is qualified, the bolt holes of the hinged leg and the bridge and the lower end beam are fixed according to the pattern. All the bolts are fastened with the bolts. Any information you want to know about gantry crane installation information.

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