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Explosion Proof Cranes

We provide superior quality explosion proof cranes with advanced technology and reasonable price to increase your work efficiency as well as your profits. The cranes are specifically designed for explosive or flammable environments like coal mine and chemical plants. We are trusted overhead crane manufacturer and supplier in China. With our expertise and experience in crane design and manufacture, we have the capability and knowledge to provide custom built cranes for special lifting requirements.

Explosion Proof Crane Manufacturer
Single Girder Explosion Proof Crane

Single girder explosion proof crane parameters:

  • Load capacity: 1-20t
  • Span: 7.5-31.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-30m
  • Lifting speed: 0.33-8m/min
  • Hoist running speed: 20m/min
  • Crane running speed: 20m/min
  • Explosion-proof grade: ExdⅡBT4、ExdⅡCT4
  • Work duty: A3, A4

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Explosion Proof Cranes for Sale
Explosion Proof Cranes

Double girder explosion proof cranes parameters:

  • Load capacity: 5-75t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5 m
  • Lifting height: 6-20m
  • Lifting speed: 1.9-5m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 10.5-20.5m/min
  • Crane running speed: 15.4-22.3m/min
  • Explosion-proof grade: ExdⅡBT4、ExdⅡCT4
  • Work duty: A3-A4

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We are the leader in environments where precision and safety are in a high degree.  That is because we cover every detail to ensure safe operation in environments. At the same time, our lifting equipment engineers have explored and researched the safest ways to operate in the most challenging environments.

Now, let us introduce to you some basic information about this kind of crane. First of all, the explosion proof bridge crane mainly consists of a bridge, trolley traveling mechanism, crab and electrical appliances. Secondly, explosion cranes are applicable to transfer, assembly, check and repair as well as load and unload at mechanic processing workshop, warehouse, goods yard and power station. Thirdly, they can also be used instead of a common double-girder overhead crane at production workshop in light textiles or food industry. Thus, having acquired the basic knowledge about the explosion proof cranes, let us introduce to you some types of this kind of crane.

Explosion Proof Cranes Specifications

Technical Parameter of AQ-LB Model Explosion-proof Single Girder Crane
Capacity t 1 2 3 5 10 16 20
Span S(m) 7.5~31.5 7.5~31.5 7.5~31.5 7.5~31.5 7.5~31.5 7.5~31.5 7.5~31.5
Lifting height m 6~30 6~30 6~30 6~30 9~30 9~30 9~30
Lifting speed m/min 8(0.8/8) 8(0.8/8) 8(0.8/8) 8(0.8/8) 7(0.7/7) 3.5(0.35/3.5) 3.3(0.33/3.3)
Trolley speed m/min 20(30) 20(30) 20(30) 20(30) 20(30) 18 14
Crane speed m/min 20(30) 20(30) 20(30) 20(30) 20(30) 20(30) 20(30)
Work duty A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4
Explosion-proof Grade ExdⅡBT4、ExdⅡCT4
Track type P18 P18  P24 P24 P24 P24 P30 P30 P38 P30 P38

Technical Parameter of AQ-QB Double Girder Explosion Proof Overhead Crane
Capacity t 5 10 16 20 32 50 75
Span S(m) 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5
Lifting height m 6~16 6~16 6~16 6~16 6~18 6~16 6~20
Lifting speed m/min 5 5 4.2 4.2 4.1 3 1.9
Trolley speed m/min 19.6 20.5 20.5 20.5 20 19.1 10.5
Crane speed m/min 22.3 22.3 19 19 17 19.4 15.4
Work duty A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4
Explosion-proof Grade ExdⅡBT4、ExdⅡCT4
Track type P38 P38  P43 P43 P43 P43  QU70 QU80 QU100

General Classification of the explosion proof bridge crane

For sake of safety of the explosion-proof environment, there are two explosion-proof cranes, according to the explosion-proof category. One is Explosion-proof bridge crane for coal mine; the other is explosion-proof bridge crane for the factory.Explosion-proof bridge crane for coal mine:

  • It is mainly responsible for the coal mine work on the parts of the ground and under the ground.
  • Explosion-proof bridge crane for factory:

The crane is mainly used in the environments with combustible gases or flammable mixtures and other dangerous places.

So if you need any advice or products, we are glad to hear from you. And provide our professional service and high-performance crane products to you.

Explosion Proof Bridge Crane for Sale
Explosion Proof Bridge Crane

What are the safety features of the explosion proof cranes?

Below we provide you some features of the crane. And we hope it will smooth your crane selection process. Thus, you can make a sensible choice at a reasonable cost.

  • Protection against Overloading
  • Temperature Control of Motors
  • Asbestos-free Brake Linings
  • Two Hoisting Speed Ratio 6:1
  • Two Travelling Speeds Ratio 4:1
  • Full span maintenance walkway with access gate
  • Anti-Derailment Device on Crane and Crab Unit, Non-Sparking Type
  • If you want to know more specific information please let us know.

Different parts of overhead crane

In this part, we will introduce you some different parts of the crane. Because of its work environment, the explosion proof crane should withstand all imposed loadings, with a maximum deflection of 1/750th of the span which is driven by a matching pair of braked motors. And its drive is transmitted through a direct, maintenance free, and gearbox via hardened and ground helical gears in a sealed oil bath. While the operation is via a single reversing contactor type controller, with an automatic slow to fast speed timing device to provide smooth acceleration and a balanced tandem operation.

Prior to packing & protected for transportation, we assemble the crane in our workshops, according to our standard testing procedure, which would include full dimensional and functional tests of all crane operations including limit switches. All the above design provides you a safe work environment in your workshop. Then, you can obtain higher yield in steel mill industry.

Apart from explosion proof cranes for sale, the company can also provide you various of crane products for general usage or special usage. Our products include electric chain hoist, electric wire rope hoist, Double girder open winch, single girder crane, double girder crane, gantry crane, general crane, the Flexible Light crane, jib crane, explosion-proof crane, and hook blocks, Lift table and all kinds spare parts for explosion proof cranes and Hoist etc. Full series of Materials handling solution, We can provide one-stop services including presale technical support and after-sales service system to free our customers from worries.

At last, hope the above information would be helpful for you. Thus, if you have any questions, please let us know, we will be glad to hear from you.

Crane Inspection guides

In order to register the explosion-proof crane without the required documents or the lack of technical characteristics in the original document of the explosion-proof crane, we should check the metal structure (truss, car frame) and all the institutions of the explosion-proof crane. It should be submitted to the state quality supervision department for two parts:

On the basis of the calculation, the conclusion is drawn from the weight of the explosion-proof cranes. The lifting capacity is the intended application of the explosion-proof crane, and the conclusion should be signed by the person in charge of the enterprise or the appraiser of the insider.

Identification of metal structure materials by chemical analysis laboratory; chip should be used mainly in turn from the chemical analysis of truss (jib) out of the upper chord and a lower chord and oblique rod, and end beam;

  • The calculation of the hook and the identification of the hardness test according to the cloth hardness tester, if the hook does not indicate the stamp of the weight.
  • In the case of metal structure welding, the inspection record of weld quality is drawn up by the technical management department of an enterprise equipped with explosion-proof cranes according to external inspection and end point drilling.
  • The rest of the documents should be submitted to the quality supervision department according to the requirements mentioned above.
  • Every explosion-proof crane should have no marked weight mark and the number it has registered with the Quality Supervision Bureau.
  • In addition, the explosion-proof crane should be marked with the latest test date, the factory, and the manufacturer’s name.
  • The normal and safe work of the explosion-proof factory crane is to a great extent related to the correct use and careful care of the explosion-proof crane.
  • The use of explosion-proof cranes should be organized so that the tiny faults found during the inspection of explosion-proof cranes can be quickly eliminated at the beginning of each class.

Every explosion-proof crane should be equipped with operation instructions. In addition to the requirements of technical safety, a list of explosion-proof crane components and parts that should be carefully inspected at the time of succession is also required.

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