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European Type 10T And 32T Overhead Cranes in Uzbekistan

European standard 10 ton single girder overhead crane and 32 ton double girder hoist overhead crane have been installed in the customer’s workshop and put into work. The European type bridge cranes are popular with customers due to the light weight, compact structure, low energy consumption, and small wheel pressure. Compared with the traditional overhead crane, the limit distance between the hook and the floor is the smallest, and the clearance height is the lowest, which will increase the working space of the existing plant. The lightweight and modular design concepts and advanced manufacturing processes make the entire crane compact in structure, stable in operation and energy-saving, greatly reducing the construction cost and crane operating cost, and also improving the operating performance of the crane.

This overhead crane product is very cost-effective and can be a great choice for your workshops. To learn more, feel free to contact us.

10 Ton Overhead Crane For Workshop
10 Ton Overhead Crane

32 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane
32 Ton Overhead Crane

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