Explosion Proof Electric Hoist

What is the design concept of the Ellsen explosion-proof electric hoist?

Where to buy Explosion Proof Electric Hoist? Lifting equipment has increased human beings working efficiency to a large degree. There are heavy duty lifting devices, such as the overhead cranes and gantry cranes, employed in heavy industries. However, there is also light duty lifting equipment such as the winches used in Marine industries and the electric hoists. Ellsen Crane Machinery Company has an everlasting commitment to providing customers the best lifting equipment at home and abroad. To meet the specific requirements of our customers for the small duty lifting equipment, we provide our customers with different kinds of electric hoists.

Ellsen as a professional lifting equipment manufacturer has manufactured tons of lifting equipment, such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, winches and electric hoists for our customers at home and abroad. Ellsen is a reliable crane supplier, and export different kinds of lifting equipment to different countries each year.


BCD Type Explosion Proof Wirerope Electric Hoist
BCD Type Explosion Proof Wirerope Electric Hoist

Competitive Characteristics of Ellsen Workshop Explosion Proof Electric Hoist

Ellsen range of explosion proof electric hoists is available as a modular system in various ratings in different sizes practically unlimited adaptability to all customer exact applications. In an addition, they have low headroom and short approach dimensions for optimum utilization of available space, in such circumstance, we can provide customers with cost saving and high-performance hoist products. And if you need a customized cranes motor, we can serve you a Siemens one.


Hook Fixed Electric Chain Hoist for Sale, your Ideal ex-proof electirc products
Hook Fixed Electric Chain Hoist for Sale

Excellent Design in Every Part of the Explosion Proof Electric Hoist

The powerful motor offers customers the best performance explosion proof hoist. Powerful and robust hoist motor with continuous performance and high duty cycle

Safety Configurations: The emergency hoist limit is for top and bottom hook position as the standard required. The gear of explosion proof electric hoist is equipped with integrated lifetime lubrication. The explosion-proof hoist is also enclosed with integrated conical disc brake. Every part of the components is approved by the international standard.


Explosion Proof Electric Hoist for Sane
Explosion Proof Electric Hoist for Sale

The explosion-proof hoist is suitable for use in environments with explosive air and combustible gas meeting the requirements laid down by the national standard. The capacities range from 0.5 tons to 25 tons.

 Exceptional Usage of the Explosion proof electric hoists

Ellsen Still Mill Cranes use this hoists for minor duty applications on overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes and monorail applications. The Ellsen explosion-proof electric hoist is commonly served industries include the oil, gas, power generation, and water treatment, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries worldwide.

Ellsen heavy-duty hoists are used worldwide and are innovative classics in lifting crane technology. Series manufacture of the standard components brings economic advantages to the client. The explosion-proof hoist can be configured up to 125 tons. The hoists can be used as winches, or crabs for double girder cranes or on a monorail application. It is the natural choice for higher duty, aggressive, working conditions such as offshore installations.

MD Type European Standard Electric Hoist
MD Type European Standard Electric Hoist

 Competitive Specifications of the Ellsen Explosion proof hoists

It is a flameproof type hoist can withstand the environments with combustible gas and explosive air. The hosts have been qualified for the explosive proof performance test, organized by the Ministry of Machine-Building Industry. The hoists feature with small deadweight which saves customers working space and then decrease their costs. Ellsen sells explosion proof hoist almost two-decade years.

Ellsen Explosion Proof Electricc Hoist for Sale workshop explosion proof electric hoist
Ellsen Hot sell ex-proof hoist for Sale

Further Connection with Ellsen Company for more detailed information about the low-cost and high-performance explosion-proof electric hoists. To get explosion proof hoist price and explosion proof electric hoist quotation, please keep Ellsen ex-proof hoist factory in touch.

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