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Bridge Crane for Garage Industry – Part Two

Mold repair and wire rope angle

• Mold repair cranes have two sets of lifting devices: main hooks and sub hooks, such as 50/20 tons.
• The upper part of the mold needs to be reversed for maintenance service. When turning with the secondary hook, the wire rope angle of 15 degrees will be related to the following factors:
• Wire rope length/height
• Distance between hooks
• The distance between the side slings of the mold
• Normally, when the mold is turned over, the main hook lifting wire rope will have a small angle deflection, and the auxiliary hook wire rope will have a larger angle deflection. This kind of operation process must be considered when designing the crane.

Mold fixture

Clamp mold handling cranes and mold fixtures should be adapted to customer needs, such as:
• mold weight
• Grip width Y (between pin centers)
• Grip length X (between pin centers)
• mold height
• Lifting pin diameter
• Pin opening width vs. clamping bracket width
The fixture is equipped with sensors and the operation is controlled by the inverter.

Operating mode

• Manual remote control
• Manual remote control combined with recommended intelligence
• Manual operation room control (less)
• Semi-autonomous operation mode with remote control and target positioning function specific route
• Single-span semi-automated and CWM (compact warehouse management) systems
• Semi-automated and WMS (Warehouse Management System) for multiple spans and multiple cranes

Control System Arrangement of Cranes for Semi-automatic Automotive Industry

The picture above shows a simplified diagram of a semi-automated crane. The IPC / PLC controls all crane equipment, including frequency converters, via the BUS bus system.
A compact warehouse manager (CWM) and the camera can be selected to support plant operations.
Provide the following help:
• Faster cycle time
• Accurate load positioning
• A safer way of working
• Correct use of crane machinery
• Can be connected to other systems
• Appropriate application of cranes and production data

Compact warehouse management system

Compact Ware Management (CWM) is designed specifically for die loading and unloading processes and is suitable for single-span cranes in press shops.
The CWM is responsible for the billing management of the mold warehouse and stamping area. The entire concept includes a portable user interface (tablet computer), making the use of systems and cranes easier and more convenient.
CWM supports semi-automated operation:
• Because of the CWM system or by the operator to select a target from the tablet
• Press lines and warehouses can all be operated on the tablet via a graphical interface
• XY axis fully automatic, Z axis semi-automatic
• The operator confirms crane operation
• The camera with the configuration can display actual conditions on the tablet, depending on the application (slings, chains or mold fixtures), fixing the load.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS)
When using multiple spans, multiple cranes and handling joint information and controls, a warehouse management system (WMS) is required
The WMS server includes a warehouse database for the entire area plane. WMS uses the same warehouse management principles as CWM.

The smart features of the automotive industry
Crane Intelligent Features
Represents today’s most advanced crane technology
They work together or alone to improve security
Cycle and material handling

SMARTON, CXT, and LV cranes can all be equipped with various intelligent functions based on a software-based intelligent system to help the automotive industry customers fully control the task.
The intelligent function improves the safety and productivity of material handling in the production process in two ways:
Material Control:
• Improve accuracy when moving materials, thereby reducing the risk of people or equipment
Positioning and regional control:
• Help crane operators locate loads more efficiently and accurately, reducing cycle time
• Adjust the crane working area according to the actual layout of the production line
• Smooth operation slows wear on steel structures and crane parts

The service that meets your needs

Preventive maintenance

We develop maintenance plans based on your equipment, applications, and work cycles. Our most popular service product is the Lifecycle Care – Preventative Maintenance program, which includes preventive maintenance checks and routine maintenance. If your needs are low, compliance checks will help you meet local regulatory requirements and support your internal maintenance.

Remote monitoring

• Customers can view remote monitoring usage data for the entire group or for a single device. The summary view allows customers to easily filter by date.
• TRUCONNECT collects data through the condition monitoring unit installed on the device. These usage data are transmitted to remote data centers and can be obtained on portal.
• We can analyze data patterns, trends, and anomalies to help customers make informed maintenance planning and operator training
• The system issues a warning if crane overload, emergency shutdown, and excessive temperature occur. Can predict the remaining life of selected components, such as lifting brakes and lifting structures.

Why Choose Aicrane?

Professional knowledge

• Has decades of crane business experience and many satisfied customers in the automotive industry
• Unique insights into customer process requirements

Zero tolerance for downtime

  • The global and localized service support ensures that your crane continues to function:
  • Professional maintenance
  • Quick call service
  • For all types of industrial cranes, spare parts for hoists and port equipment

Respect each other to earn the trust

  • Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest standards of crane solutions and services.
  • We build mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnerships.

Experience and advantages

Our aim is to improve safety and increase the productivity of our customers’ operations.
By selecting our cranes, you will gain a trusted global experience and combine local expertise to help you with material handling.

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