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Bridge Crane for Garage Industry – Part One

Our aim is:
Improve safety and increase customer operating productivity

Global special crane delivery

In the 1930s, the annual automobile output reached 4.1 million, and in 2015, the annual automobile production exceeded 90 million. Since 1943, we have delivered more than 1,300 special cranes for the automotive industry to factories around the world.

Press shop – intelligent bridge crane

CXT smart crane for
Uncoiling, cutting area coils, and mold handling

It is used in the transportation and demolition of coils and molds in the automotive industry, such as unwinding and cutting.
Stamping area:
• Steel coil handling 30-40 tons, M6-M8; or with a magnetic suction cup
• Packing crane (10 tons, electromagnetic chuck)
• Billet production line/blank mold storage crane (30-50 tons, M5-M7)
Intelligent crane advantage
• Easy to use
• Better material control:
•remote control
• Available tablet as user interface
• Optional Crane Management System (CMS)

For coils, mold handling and mold repair

A compact open trolley crane for lower lift tonnage in the automotive industry for coil handling, mold handling and steam mold maintenance.

Stamping area features:
• Mold handling crane 30-63 tons, M5-M7
• Mold maintenance crane 32/16–63/32t tons, M5-M7, equipped with independent or main sub hook car
• 2 independent lifting trolleys can be used for clamping mold handling cranes

UNION cranes are suitable for
Stamping process line

An open hoist electric bridge crane, lifting up to 320 tons.
Press lines can use UNION cranes in the following situations:
• Mold handling crane 30-63 tons, M5-M7
• Die maintenance crane 32/16-63/32 tons, M5-M7, independent or main sub hook car
• Clamp Mould Handling Crane 63-70 Tons, M7-M8

Our cranes for stamping lines can provide all different types of cranes, but they can be equipped with the same smart features.

Customized Clamp Mould Handling Crane

We offer custom-designed cranes (LV) for the automotive industry using crane core components.
For example, DDG die-handling cranes (DGC) are used in high-span mold warehouses. DCG has four hoisting point wire rope winding, advanced mold clamp spreader, crane clamp spreader complex control, real-time image display of tablet computer, various management systems for warehouse operations of stamping assembly line.
Clamp dies handling cranes, lifting capacity up to 63 tons and above, usually belong to the highest level M7-M8.

Workstation crane

XA aluminum rail crane

Aluminum rail workstation cranes are developed and designed for the specific needs of the automotive industry, with a lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg.
A wide range of standard and customized solutions with:
• Modular design
• Large structural rigidity
• Low rolling resistance
• Very low noise level
• Lightweight and durable

XM Rail Workstation Crane

• Provide long-range suspension, reduce steel structure and reduce overall costs
• Durable dust protection for longer life and reduced maintenance costs
• Easy pre-wired cable
• Strong operation

Electric chain hoist

CLX and SLX universal electric hoists are suitable for all types of workstations. It has a variety of advanced technologies, customizable options and lifting speed options make the electric hoist easy to adjust to meet the different requirements of the automotive industry.

ATB pneumatic balancer

The ATB pneumatic balancer is a pneumatic lifting device with a lifting capacity of 350 kg. It has a fast retractable operation and accurate load positioning, which is very suitable for the assembly line of the automotive industry. Equipped with automatic load balancing, it can be manually lifted in zero gravity mode.
With the load weight compensation function, it is possible to ensure that loads of different weights are hoisted at the same speed so that the controllability of the lift can be fully realized.

Cantilever crane

The jib crane can handle building materials weighing up to 2,000 kilograms for cost efficiency. The standard wall-type jib crane can rotate up to 180o, while the column-type jib can rotate within an angle of 270o.
• Strong adaptability
• Several options for improving safety and availability
• Adjustable rotation stop in increments of 10o
• 3-digit (-90o, 0o, 90o) lock function
• Different fixing methods

Heavy Duty Forklifts and Facade Cranes

Material Handling Heavy Duty Forklift

We provide specialized forklifts equipped with suitable equipment and attachments for automotive manufacturing processes.

Container lifts

Automakers and their subcontractors ship approximately 95% of their parts to trucks, trains and barges in containers, detachable containers or trailers.
As a by-product of automotive body stamping, scrap metal is usually contained in a container and carried by a forklift or a reach stacker.
We provide special attachments including steel plate clamps, magnetic chucks, vacuum clamps, and other accessories for coil C-shaped hooks.We provide special attachments including steel plate clamps, magnetic chucks, vacuum clamps, and other accessories for coil C-shaped hooks.

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