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Different Types of Overhead Cranes

Knowing the different types of overhead cranes is very helpful for you to select the most suitable crane for your facility. The overhead crane can be used in various industries to handle different loads or materials. It can be divided into general overhead crane, overhead crane for metallurgy, explosion proof crane, etc.

General overhead crane refers to the general purpose bridge crane, mainly including hook overhead crane, grab overhead crane, electromagnetic bridge crane, dual-purpose bridge crane, three-purpose bridge crane, etc. Its lifting device can be a hook, a grab bucket, an electromagnetic chuck, or using two or three of them at the same time. General bridge cranes are widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, wharves, open storage yards, etc.

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Overhead crane for metallurgy can participate in specific operations in the steel production process. The basic structure is similar to that of a general bridge crane, but a special working mechanism or device is installed on the lifting trolley. This crane is used frequently and has a high working level, capable of withstanding harsh working conditions.

Explosion proof overhead crane is mainly used for lifting and transporting in explosive gas environments. Its basic structure is similar to that of a general overhead crane, but explosion-proof measures are taken at the motor and electrical parts and metal contact surfaces to ensure safety. Explosion-proof bridge cranes can be divided into two types according to the explosion-proof category: explosion-proof bridge crane for coal mine; explosion-proof bridge crane for factory.

Buying The Right Type of Overhead Crane From Aicrane

In order to help you select the right crane system for your application, please provide some basic information about the crane you need.

The basic parameters of the general bridge crane includes:

  1. Rated load capacity. It refers to the maximum allowable lifting load of the crane. When the main and auxiliary hooks are provided, the rated lifting capacity is expressed in fractions: the numerator indicates the lifting weight of the main hook, and the denominator indicates the lifting weight of the auxiliary hook. The lifting capacity of the bridge crane can be 5t, 10t, 15t/3t, 20t/5t, 30t/5t, 50t/10t, 75t/20t, 100t/20t, 125t/20t, 150t/30t, 200t/30t, 250t/30t, etc.
  2. Span of the crane. It refers to the distance between two parallel rails that a crane walks on. Generally the span ranges from 10.5m to 31.5m. It can also be customized if the span you require is greater than 31.5m.
  3. The speed of the crane mainly includes three aspects: the speed of the bridge, the speed of the trolley, and the lifting speed of the hook.
  4. Lifting height. The lifting height of the overhead crane can be 12m, 16m, 12m/14m, 12m/18m, 16m/18m, 19m/21m, 20m/22m, 21m/23m, 22m/26m, 24m/26m, etc.
  5. Work duty. The work duty of the crane is determined according to its load rate and busyness. It can be divided into four types: light duty, medium, heavy duty and extra heavy.

The above parameters are very important for us to specify the suitable crane for you. If you’re interested in our overhead crane, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know your requirements in detail.

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