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Customer Feedback: 10 Ton Overhead Crane in Russia

This video is from a customer in Chita, Russia. The AQ-LD 10 ton overhead crane has been installed in his workshop and is undergoing commissioning and trial operation. This single girder 10t overhead crane is used for lifting and moving equipment parts in the production workshop.

If you are looking for a 10 ton overhead crane, Aicrane AQ-LD series is a cost-effective choice. It has simple structure, reasonable cost, easy operation and installation, low operation and maintenance costs. In addition, we have AQ-HD European style 10t overhead crane, AQ-QD double girder overhead crane 10 ton, AQ-LH double girder hoist overhead crane 10 ton, etc., to meet varied lifting requirements.

For different lifting requirements and workshop conditions, we have professional engineers tailor-made lifting solutions for you, and choose the bridge crane equipment that best suits your requirements and budget. Contact us today for a consultation or quote!

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