Safe equipment for cranes

The crane is a kind of machinery for circulating and intermittent movement. The device for picking things lifts the articles from the place of acquisition, then moves the items horizontally to the designated address to lower the articles, and then carries out the reverse movement so that the collecting devices come back in place for … Read more

Variable Frequency Speed Drive

(Variable Frequency Drives, hereinafter referred to as VFD) Is a motor controller Control speed and torque by changing the input voltage and frequency of the motor VFD is widely used in crane products, it has a wide range of advantages, including reducing load swing and more precise control of movement and so on. Since spare … Read more

Crane Motor Start Type

The difference between the soft start of the motor and the starting of the decompression The soft start of the motor is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electricity, coal, water conservancy, light industry and other industries. The rotor current of three-phase asynchronous motor starts at 5~8 times of rated state because the rotor current … Read more

Crane Pulley Group

A pulley is a small wheel with a groove around the shaft and can be rotated around the axis.A simple machine consisting of a grooved groove that can rotate around a central shaft and a flexible rope that crosses the disk (rope, tape, steel rope, chain, etc.) is a simple machine that can revolve around … Read more

Hoist inspection standard

Hand hoist is a simple, easy to carry hand lifting tool. Lever hoist can be improved, traction, descent, calibration and other operations. Lifting capacity generally not more than 50T. It is widely used in the installation of equipment in shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining, post and telecommunications and other industries, such as lifting articles, pulling machine parts … Read more

Crane Components Usage Guidiline

We can provide you with the valuable knowledge to use the crane components to help you lift your promote your business profits. With the continuous development of enterprises, some customers are no longer using the crane is a single mode of operation. According to the user’s own characteristics and requirements of their use, they gradually … Read more

Crane Parts Inspection Reference

We provide our crane parts inspection rules for your reference.  The crane parts inspection steps mainly include safety inspection stands of each crane parts, the crane hook, wire rope, crane braking device, reel, pulley, reducer, wheels, and couplings, detailed information is as follow. What is the safety standard for crane common parts? Safety inspection standards … Read more