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Crane Parts Inspection Reference

We provide our crane parts inspection rules for your reference.  The crane parts inspection steps mainly include safety inspection stands of each crane parts, the crane hook, wire rope, crane braking device, reel, pulley, reducer, wheels, and couplings, detailed information is as follow.

What is the safety standard for crane common parts?

Safety inspection standards and requirements for crane universal parts:

 Crane Hook Inspection

Check the hook mark and anti-off device meets the requirements of the hook with or without cracks, stripping and other defects; hook section wear and tear, the increase in the opening degree, torsional deformation, is excessive; hook neck and the surface with or without fatigue Deformation, cracks, and related pin, wear case.

Overhead Crane Wire Rope inspection

Check the wire rope specifications, models and pulley reel match the design requirements. Fixed-end rope platen, rope card, block and other wire rope fixed device meets the requirements. Rope wear, broken wire, kink, crush, bending, broken stocks, corrosion, etc. are exceeded.

Bridge Crane Braking Device Inspection

5 Tons Wireless Remote Control System
5 Tons Wireless Remote Control System

Brake settings, the type of brake meets the design requirements, brake rod, spring fatigue deformation, cracks and other defects; pin, spindle, brake wheel, brake friction plate is excessive wear and tear, hydraulic brake oil spill Brake clearance adjustment, braking ability can meet the requirements.

Beam Crane Reel Inspection Standard

Drum body, whether the cylinder rim fatigue crack, damage and so on; rope groove and cylinder wall wear is excessive; drum flange height and the number of layers of wire rope can match; guide rope, row rope work is in line with the situation Claim;

Steel Mill Crane Pulley Inspection Standard

Pulley is equipped with anti-off rope groove device; pulley rope groove, whether there are cracks in the rim, broken edge, excessive wear and other conditions, the pulley rotation is flexible.

Overhead Bridge Crane Reducer Inspection

Crane Bridge Girder
Crane Bridge Girder

Decelerator running with or without violent metal friction noise, vibration, shell radiation and another abnormal sound; shaft seal is intact, the bolts are loose and other defects; reducer lubricating oil selection, the level of oil, vertical reducer lubrication Pump operation, open gear lubrication and so on meet the requirements.

Overhead Bridge Crane Wheels Inspection

Wheel tread, wheel axle fatigue cracks, wheel tread wheel wear is excessive. Whether there is eating gnawing phenomenon during operation. What caused the chew rail is what.

Overhead Bridge Crane Couplings Inspection

Coupling parts without defects, loose connections, the impact of the operation. Coupling, pin, shaft pin hole, buffer rubber ring wear is excessive. Whether the coupling is concentric with the two parts to be connected.

Wish all the above information would be helpful for your crane inspection work.  All crane products from our company are inspection standard qualified. Any questions, you want to counsel, please contact us.

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