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Crane Lifting Attachments

Various crane lifting attachments are used with overhead and gantry cranes to handle different loads or materials. The below the hook attachments are one of the important parts of cranes, which directly affect the lifting efficiency of cranes.

Types of Crane Lifting Attachments

The following will introduce different types of below-the-hook lifting attachments for your reference.


1. Four-rope Mechanical Grab

The four-rope mechanical grab can be used for single girder and double girder cranes:

  • When used for single girder cranes, it needs to be equipped with two electric hoists.
  • When used for double girder cranes, it requires two sets of drums, with two ropes under each set of drums

The four-rope mechanical grab is suitable for grabbing loose materials:

  • All kinds of coal and coal powder, coal powdery slaked lime, blast furnace slag, etc.
  • Manganese ore, copper concentrate, zinc concentrate, iron, lead, zinc sintered lump, slag, sand, lime, crushed stone, etc.
  • Iron ore, magnesium ore, copper ore, lead concentrate and other small ore.

QZ Grab Crane - Four-rope Mechanical Grab
AQ-QZ Grab Crane – Four-rope Mechanical Grab

2. Electric grab

The electric grab itself has a closing mechanism. Generally, a standard electric hoist or hoisting mechanism is installed on the grab as an opening and closing mechanism.

The electric grab is very suitable for grabbing ore materials due to its large grabbing capacity.

Grab Crane Lifting Attachments
Electric Grab

3. Hydraulic grab

The hydraulic grab has a large grabbing capacity and is an ideal lifting device for large ore, pig iron, scrap steel, garbage, iron filings, straw, slag and other materials.

Hydraulic grabs are mainly used in industries such as steel, mines, forest farms, coal mines, seaports, scrap steel recycling, garbage disposal, and biological power generation.

Hydraulic Grab For Overhead Crane
Hydraulic Grab

Electromagnetic chuck

1. MW5 electromagnetic chuck

MW5 series electromagnetic chuck is used to lift cast iron ingots, steel balls, pig iron blocks, as well as various miscellaneous iron and re-burning materials in foundries.

2. MW61 electromagnetic chuck

MW61 electromagnetic chuck is used to efficiently load and unload scrap steel in narrow hopper-shaped containers, such as the fast loading of scrap hoppers in steel mills.

3. MW12 electromagnetic chuck

The MW12 electromagnetic chuck can lift and transport bars, flat irons, angle steels that are not bundled or simply bundled. There are normal temperature type and high temperature type.

Metallurgical lifting attachments

1. Motorized coil tongs

The motorized coil tongs are widely used in the rolling and handling of coils in steel mills, stacking in warehouses, etc.

It can be equipped with a rotating mechanism to achieve 270° rotation.

The rated lifting capacity is 10t, 20t, 30t, 40t, etc.

2. C-hook

The C-hook can be designed for various coil sizes.

The rated lifting capacity is 3.2t, 5t, 10t, 16t, 25t, 32t, etc.

3. Slab tongs – designed for moving various slabs. The slab clamp adopts lever type working principle.

Slab Tongs Crane Lifting Devices
Slab Tongs

4. Round ingot tongs – used to move round ingots in the horizontal position

Round Ingot Tongs
Round Ingot Tongs

5. J-hook ladle beam – used for lifting various ladle in metallurgical industry

Ladle Beam Lifting Devices
Ladle Beam

Container spreader

1. Electric telescopic container spreader

Electric telescopic container spreader can lift ISO standard 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot containers. All movements of the spreader are driven by motors.

It has the advantages of simple and reliable structure, light weight, convenient maintenance and low use cost.

2. Hydraulic telescopic container spreader

All mechanisms on the spreader are driven by hydraulic system. The spreader is equipped with a hydraulic oil pump, various control and protection hydraulic valves, a telescopic hydraulic motor and a rotary lock cylinder, etc. Through the on or off of the solenoid valve to drive the action of each mechanism.

3. Rotating container spreader

  • The rotating container spreader adopts a slewing support structure, the rotating action is driven by a hydraulic motor or an electric motor, and the rotating speed is available in the range of 0.5-2r/min.
  • The horizontal movement is driven by a hydraulic cylinder or a motorplus a roller chain structure.
  • The connection between the rotating spreader and the crane trolley includes beam connection, two pulley connection, four pulley connection, etc.
  • It is suitable for ISO standard 20-foot, 40-foot and 45-foot container loading and unloading operations.

The difference between electric and hydraulic container spreaders:

  • The vast majority of container spreaders are hydraulically driven, which is safe and reliable.However, the electric spreader is a new type of container spreader with simple structure, convenient maintenance and low use cost.
  • The electric spreader has low energy consumption and is about 6% of the hydraulic spreader under the same working conditions.
  • Hydraulic spreaders have higher maintenance costs and higher failure rates than electric spreaders.

Container Crane Lifting Attachments

Container Gantry Crane Lifting Attachments

Gantry Crane Lifting Attachments

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