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Ellsen process crane to connect all process steps safely and economically

Ellsen Crane Factory
Ellsen Crane Factory

Reliably connect the process steps in a limited assembly workshop

The production equipment of the aircraft industry needs the logistics and operation processing system that can reach the whole space without occupying the ground channel.The lockable hanging crane is responsible for carrying the valuables in the workshop and sending it to the assembly site. This saves precious time and greatly reduces the risk of damage.

Ellsen Crane
Ellsen Crane

Security and economy:

  • The lifting system that does not pass through the ground can make the best use of space
  • A reliable connection to the various production links of a limited assembly workshop
  • The lock-in crane can be moved directly into the adjacent workshops, without the need to waste the time to lay down the weight.
  • The suspension structure of a crane beam, restricted by structural type, is very small in size and can cover almost all workshop space.
  • A safe and reliable process flow link: Lock hoisting equipment to move the component directly through two workshops.

A workshop through a large span

In the aircraft industry, the overlay operation of the assembly shop needs to span a large distance in the workshop. The most economical solution is to suspend a number of hanging cranes with a total span of more than 100 meters. Thus the ground can be used to perform all the production steps.

Ellsen Factory
Ellsen Factory

Save the amount of investment and the cost of production:

  • The weight of the crane is very small so that the load of the roof structure is very small
  • The height of the structure is very low and the size of the hook is the best
  • In a certain structural form, the hoisting beam is suspended and the area is best used.
  • Because of these advantages of Ellsen lifting equipment, the structure design of the workshop scheme can be considered at the design stage.
  • Lowcost operating style: four suspended lifting equipment for carrying support surface