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Crane Components Usage Guidiline

We can provide you with the valuable knowledge to use the crane components to help you lift your promote your business profits. With the continuous development of enterprises, some customers are no longer using the crane is a single mode of operation. According to the user’s own characteristics and requirements of their use, they gradually to the electrical crane operation to extend the diversification. Below is a three-operation (remote control, driving, ground operations) crane. Crane remote control, driving, ground operations in three ways the combination of applications.

Process Requirements

Single Girder Bridge Crane for Sale
Single Girder Bridge Crane
  • starting from the weight of 50/20 tons
  • span 16.5 meters
  • lifting height of 12.0 meters
  • lifting speed of the main hook 2.0 m / s, deputy hook 3.5 / 0.35 m / s
  •  cart speed (double speed) 28/14 m / s
  •  car speed (double speed) 21 / 10.5 m / s
  • the required operating mode: remote control + open cab + ground operation (three conversions)

Crane Electrical Configuration

  • the main lifting mechanism: motor YZR225M-8, P = 22KW, speed 715r / min, brake: YWZ-400/90
  • deputy lifting mechanism: motor ZD151-6, P = 13KW, speed 930r / min, brake: electric hoist
  •  the car running agencies: motor YDSE160M2-12 / 6, P = 2.8 / 5.5KW, speed 400 / 800r / min, brake: YWZ-200/25
  •  trolley operating mechanism: motor YDSE160L-12/6, P = 3.8 / 7.5KW, speed 400 / 800r / min, without brake

The Operating Mode Introduced

Ground Operations:

the ground operation adopts 8 + 1 button station (waterproof) operation, of which two lifting mechanism is a single speed button, respectively, control movements of institutions, the size of the car body is a two-speed button, respectively, speed control of the speed of the car, and Provisions of the first press is slow speed control, press it again is fast control. 1 button is the power control. The secondary control circuit is used 36V safety voltage, through the 36V relay to control the 380V contactor. The final control agency action execution.

Remote Control

remote control system
remote control system

Remote control with 8 buttons dual speed button control, remote control receiver installed in the electrical control box. The signal is transmitted by the remote transmitter and the receiver accepts the signal control to drive the drive. As the remote control mode of vision is more open, easy to operate advantages, favored by the majority of users. But its shortcoming still exists, for example, the output relay of the receiver is apt to be damaged, can not have the obstruction to exist within the range that it allows, require the working environment to be dry, anhydrous, dust and so on.

Note that the conversion of the three modes of operation using the switch to control the conversion.


Overhead Crane System
Overhead Crane System

Driving with the installation of the control panel in the driver room way, the operation button installed in the control panel above. Button function with the ground operation. At the same time increase the bell, lighting, fans, start, stop, key switch, light, and other related configuration.

There are many electrical control methods for cranes. Due to the different electrical configurations, cranes of the same type have different control methods. The key to the design is to meet the requirements of equipment technology and technical conditions, to maximize its control performance.

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