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Container Reach Stacker

Container reach stacker is suitable for the stacking of containers and the horizontal transportation in the terminals and the stacking yards. It combines the world’s advanced design concepts, mature and reliable technology, and top-level supporting systems, making it an ideal choice for your container yards.

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Common Applications of Container Reach Stackers

The reach stacker is commonly used for container loading and unloading in small and medium ports, railway stations and highway stations, and can also be used as auxiliary equipment in large container terminals. It has the advantages of flexibility, convenient operation, good stability, low wheel pressure, and high yard utilization.

Container Reach Stacker for Sale

Reach Stacker for Sale

Features of Container Reach Stacker

Smart And Efficient

Dynamic power matching technology – the controller, handle, pump and valve, combined with the dynamic power matching system, shorten the response time of the system from 0.7s to 0.3s, with sensitive response and efficient operation.

Adaptive electronic control damping technology – the system can automatically adjust the characteristics of the damping cylinder according to the actual working conditions of the reachstacker to solve the problems of slow leveling of empty containers and large swing of heavy containers during sudden braking.

Vertical lifting technology – through real-time monitoring of boom data, the operating status of booms can be intelligently adjusted so as to improve the efficiency of cross-container operations and train loading and unloading operations.

Amplitude intelligent speed regulation technology – the system can intelligently adjust the lifting speed according to the lifting weight: high speed at light load and low speed at heavy load, without manual switching.

Accurate weighing and eccentric load detection technology – accurately detect the weight and unbalanced load of the container through the pressure sensor installed at the spreader lock, and automatically alarm for out-of-tolerance to avoid repeated adjustments.

Container Stacker For Sale
Container Stacker Machine

Safe And Reliable

Smart brake technology – the radar detects the rear condition of the container reach stacker, and when a person or obstacle approaches, it will alarm in real time and brake intelligently.

Dynamic anti-tipping protection technology – the system monitors the running status of the container lifting vehicle in real time, and actively limits the running speed when it is close to the limit working condition to prevent the vehicle from tipping over.

Automatic fire extinguishing technology – through the annular automatic fire extinguishing system arranged in the engine compartment, the temperature and smoke information in the high temperature area can be monitored in real time, so as to automatically extinguish the fire in time and avoid accidents.

Mature and reliable accessories – mature and reliable accessories, professional matching and optimization, full life cycle simulation analysis, multi-dimensional failure mode analysis, systematic test evaluation and enhanced testing higher than industry standards can effectively ensure product reliability.

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Comfortable Operation

Excellent view – the driver’s cab with panoramic view, hump-type counterweight, and the power mobile driver’s cab provide excellent visibility.

Human-machine friendly – HD monitor, reversing radar and camera with user-friendly interface and clear display allow you to easily control various information of the vehicle.

Comfortable operation – aviation handles, ergonomic seats, six-direction adjustable steering gear, and humanized control arrangement make it easy to operate, comfortable to drive, and avoid work fatigue.

Omnidirectional lighting – the lighting is well set up, and working lights are installed on the front, back, boom and spreader of the container reach stacker to meet the needs of various workplaces.

Driver's Cab
Driver’s Cab

Energy-saving And Environmental Protection

Intelligent hydraulic system – the load-sensitive hydraulic system with self-adaptive flow can accurately adjust the displacement and pressure of the oil pump in real time according to the load, avoiding overflow loss and effectively reducing energy consumption.

Mature and efficient energy-saving design – the Dana TE30 fully automatic gearbox shifts smoothly, with large torque at low speed and high efficiency at high speed. It has an ECO energy-saving mode, which best matches power and economy, and saves more than 10% of fuel consumption.

Lightweight technology – based on the multi-body dynamics optimization matching technology with the least force, the force on the components is reduced by 8%, so the weight of the whole machine is lighter and the fuel consumption is lower.

Energy-saving Container Reach Stacker for Sale
Energy-saving Container Reach Stacker

Spreader Options

We provide a series of reach stacker spreader options to meet your different material transportation and loading and unloading needs. The size of the spreader can be adjusted according to the size of the container.

Universal Spreader:

The universal container spreader has the functions of telescopic, rotating and side-shifting, and can be applied to various container loading and unloading operations.

When lifting, the spreader can rotate to make it easier for the whole machine to pass through narrow passages. At the same time, the spreader can be moved left and right, so that the containers can be accurately aligned, thereby improving work efficiency.

The universal spreader can meet the needs of various container handling operations in ports, container yards, railway freight stations, and cargo distribution centers.

Tilting Spreader:

The tilting spreader breaks the traditional bulk container loading and unloading mode, and perfectly solves the problem of low efficiency in transshipment and unloading of bulk container.

It is suitable for loading and unloading of bulk materials such as grain and coal, and improves the efficiency of container bulk transportation, loading and unloading.

Tower And Bulk Cargo Spreader:

The tower and bulk cargo spreaders are specially developed for the handling of towers, steel pipes, steel coils and special bulk materials. They are intelligent, efficient, safe and reliable.

Custom Spreader:

According to customer requirements, we can provide empty container spreaders, heavy spreaders, log spreaders, electromagnetic spreaders, etc., to meet various working conditions and the loading and unloading needs of various materials.

Inspection and Maintenance

  • Reasonable piping and circuit layout effectively reduces cross interference and facilitates equipment maintenance.
  • Engine, gearbox inspection, and fuel filler ports are concentrated in one area, with large inspection space, which is convenient for maintenance.
  • The machine is equipped with a resettable fuse and an independent fault detection interface, which makes fault detection and maintenance more convenient.
  • The high-position engine air intake effectively avoids the dust area and prolongs the service life of the air filter element.


What Is A Container Reach Stacker?

Container reach stacker is a type of crane used to load and unload containers. It is specially designed for 20-foot and 40-foot international containers. The reach stacker machine is mainly used for container stacking and horizontal transportation in docks and container yards.

What Is The Function of Container Reach Stacker?

The reachstacker has a telescopic and left-right rotating container spreader, which can be used for 20-foot and 40-foot container loading and unloading operations. When lifting the container, the reach stacker container handler does not have to be perpendicular to the container, but can operate at an angle with it. For freight stations with poor site conditions, it can also operate smoothly.

How Much Can A Reach Stacker Lift?

The reach stacker can work on heavy-loaded containers, generally stacking up to 5 containers high. Its lifting capacity is determined by the rated lifting load and the weight of the spreader.

The rated lifting load is generally determined by the maximum weight of the container to be lifted. For the international standard 40-foot container, the maximum weight is 30.5t.

At present, the reach stacker for lifting 40-foot containers has a spreader weight of about 10t.

How Much Does A Reach Stacker Weight?

Generally, the weight of the reach stacker is about 70 tons. For different models, the total weight of the reach stacker is different. You can specify the model and consult our sales manager for the specific weight.

How Much Does A Container Reach Stacker Cost?

The specific price of a reach stacker needs to be determined according to the selected configuration, such as engine, spreader model, etc. In addition, the price of imported accessories and domestic accessories will vary greatly.

If you want to know the container reach stacker price, please contact our sales manager today!

How Does A Reach Stacker Work?

The telescopic boom can carry load and luffing. The lifting and lowering of the container is completed by the boom telescopic and luffing. When the boom and the pitch cylinder are extended, the lifting speed is fast, and they are locked at the same time when descending to obtain a faster descending speed.

During operation, the container stacker machine can realize running, luffing, and boom telescopic actions at the same time, which has high working efficiency.

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