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Constructional overhead crane

The special crane for the sandwich panel is a special crane developed by our company for the sandwich panel production workshop in the construction industry. It is equipped with rigid mechanical anti-shake and special spreaders, which can greatly improve the customer’s workshop production efficiency.

Construction Overhead Crane for Sale
Construction Overhead Crane

Construction crane structural features

The single-column telescopic rigid guide column and the guide column structure adopt rectangular tubes, which are compact in structure and meet the requirement of accurate positioning and stacking during the stacking between workshop sandwich panels. The winding system adopts the form of four hanging points, which effectively improves the stability when the center of gravity of the goods shifts.

Details for Constructional Crane
Details for Constructional Crane

For the lifting requirements of the sandwich panel, special spreaders were developed. The spreader has the function of rotation, jaw opening, and closing, and is equipped with a complete limit and sensor, which can adapt to the sandwich board with different lengths and widths. The operation is simple and the operation efficiency is high.

The whole machine is driven by frequency conversion, remote control, stable operation and convenient operation. The components of the mechanism are mature products, which have high reliability and are conducive to maintenance.

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