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Combined Windlass Mooring Winches Shipped To Saudi Arabia

Aicrane 28mm combined electric windlass mooring winches were shipped to Saudi Arabia. This combined mooring winch is designed with single drum and single anchor chain wheel and will be installed on ships for a safe and reliable anchor chain and mooring line handling.

Electric Windlass And Mooring Winch
Electric Windlass And Mooring Winch
28mm Combined Windlass Mooring Winch To Saudi Arabia
28mm Combined Windlass Mooring Winch To Saudi Arabia
Electrical Control Box
Electrical Control Box
Winch Controls
Winch Controls

Advantages of The Combined Windlass Mooring Winch

Combined windlass mooring winches are commonly used on ships and offshore platforms to manage the mooring lines that secure the vessel or platform in place. This type of mooring winch incorporates both windlass and mooring capabilities in a single piece of equipment. The advantages of a combined windlass mooring winch include:

  • Efficient Use of Space: By combining the windlass and mooring winch into one unit, space can be saved on the ship or platform, which is particularly useful for vessels with limited deck space.
  • Reduced Installation Costs: By using a combined unit, the need for separate installations and the associated costs are eliminated.
  • Increased Safety: The combined unit reduces the number of moving parts, which can reduce the risk of equipment failure or malfunction, improving safety for crew members.
  • Enhanced Control: The combined unit allows for centralized control of the windlass and mooring winch, simplifying operation and reducing the potential for error.
  • Improved Performance: The combined unit is designed to work together seamlessly, improving overall performance and efficiency.
  • Simplified Maintenance: With fewer components, maintenance is simplified, which can save time and reduce costs over the lifespan of the equipment.

Overall, a combined windlass mooring winch offers numerous advantages over separate units, including increased safety, improved performance, simplified maintenance, and efficient use of space.

Combined Windlass Mooring Winch
Aicrane Combined Windlass Mooring Winch

Contact Us For A Customized Winch Solution For Your Ships

At Aicrane, you can customize a winch machine to adapt to your ship type and deck size. Our combined anchor mooring winch solutions for ships can be driven electrically or hydraulically, with one or more drums and one or more anchor chain wheels. The mooring drum can also be divided into working and storage parts according to your requirements.

If you are interested in obtaining a custom winch solution for your ships, please contact our project consultant immediately to discuss how we can help with your project.

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