Charging Crane

Charging crane is fit for founder industry in lifting heavy load materials. This kind of casting crane is into with the steel mill duty cranes, such as the tundish handling cranes, the billet handling cranes, the scrap yard handling cranes in function. It is suitable for the steel mill to lift the furnace. The main structure of this kind of casting bridge crane includes the box type bridge frame, the lifting trolley, the traveling systems and the electrical devices. Each part of the Ellsen innovated charging bridge cranes is excellent both in its material and performance. YEARS OF exporting experience has won recognition from our clients in the world. In need of buying a charging crane in your steel mill, warehouse or workstation, come in connection to Ellsen, you will find your ideal crane and partner.

Ellsen Charging Crane for Sale
Ellsen Charging Crane for Sale

What prices can we offer to you on the overhead charging crane?

Apart from the application and the working performance of the crane you care for the overhead crane, perhaps the focus on the products is its price. Many our clients when buying our bridge crane products, they will be favorable for the casting bridge crane price we offer to them. That is because we can charge them for the lowest price than any other overhead crane export suppliers. So, in terms of your investment and cost, Ellsen will be your priority to forging a partnership. The general price we can offer to you within the range of 3,000 $ to 50,000 $/ set. Specific prices will be negotiated with each other in detail. If you would like to know the exact casting bridge quotation, you can make a connection with our sales manager. He will offer the steel continuous casting machine quotation to you immediately.

280 Ton Steel Mill Customized Charging Overhead Crane for Sale
280 Ton Steel Mill Customized Charging Overhead  Crane for Sale

Customized service for the customized Girder Charging Crane Ellsen can offer to you

Since most part of our Ellsen Crane products can be tailored especially for our customers, we have won acknowledgments from our clients. Whether a large order in the capacity of Charging Ellsen Crane, or the small order, they are both available for your convenience. Traditionally, the warranty of this kind of casting bridge machine lasts one year, however, in Ellsen, through negation, we can extend the guaranteed year to more than one to 2 year, if necessary for your sake. Otherwise, additional parts, such as the hook, carrier beam or the electric hoist, if you need to equip them with the crane, we can also customize it for you at a low price. Through such design, you can exert the best working performance of the casting overhead crane. Ellsen has exported its cranes to many markets, and made deep cooperation with Schnider Electric, so as to provide quality cranes for clients.

Double Girder Casting Overhead Crane forSale
Double Girder Casting Overhead Crane for sale

Technical spotlights persuading you of buying Ellsen Bridge Charging Cranes

Graphics of Casting Bridge Crane
Graphics of Casting Bridge Crane

Since adopting the cutting-edge technology, such as the anti-swing technology, positioning technology, dust and noise-proof technology, Ellsen casting overhead cranes can be operated smoothly and safety in your steel mill. As youknoww, in the steel making industry, noise is inevitable which one of a safety factor is for operators. In the design of Ellsen casting bridge crane cabin, we use the leading noise-proof technology, to ensure a sound driving environment for the crane operators. To this end, it enhances the operating safety of the crane operators. In turn, it promotes the working efficiency of the steel mill continuous casting machine.

Heavy Duty Foundry Overhead Crane for Sale
Heavy Duty Foundry Overhead Crane for Sale

Once the order you have made you will receive your own customized overhead charging crane within two months usually. Urgent needs in the products, please inform our sales manager first, we will try our best to serve your demands particularly. As one of a leading customized casting overhead crane manufacturers, we are glad to provide our sincere service for your convenience. Or if you need to buy one special bridge crane for metallurgy, Ellsen will be also the most reliable for your consideration. For more metallurgy cranes, if you need the customized, our expert teams will design for you. Once you making a connection to us, we shall be your most liable partner in the overhead crane suppliers.

Leave us detailed information for the specific overhead charging quotation. And you can get the casting overhead crane price in a reasonable way. Welcome friends afar contact us for your ideal special bridge crane for metallurgy factory.

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