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15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart For Automotive Molds In Mexico

A 15 ton trackless transfer cart is used to transfer automotive molds for a Mexican customer from one workshop to another. This is our AQ-BWP series battery-powered trackless transfer cart, which can run directly on the ground of the factory area without laying steel rails, and has good mobility.

15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart
15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart For Transferring Automotive Molds

Test Run of The 15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart

We tested the 15-ton transfer cart on flat ground and uphill to ensure that it can work safely and reliably. Watch the video below to see how we test run the trackless transfer cart.

How to Operate The 15 Ton Transfer Cart

The 15 ton electric transfer cart is equipped with a control handle and a remote control to realize the control of the transfer cart. The following video will show you in detail how to operate the transfer cart.

Introduction to Each Part of The AQ-BWP Trackless Transfer Cart

We also made this video to introduce you to each part of the AQ-BWP transfer cart in detail, so that you can have a better understanding of the transfer cart and its operation.

The AQ-BWP trackless transfer trolley is composed of power supply, transmission mechanism, steel structure load-bearing frame, steering system, traveling mechanism, control module and fault diagnosis module. The battery is used as the power supply of this series of transfer cart, which provides power to the traction motor through the electrical control module system to realize the start, stop, forward, reverse, steering and other functions of the trackless transfer cart.

The transfer cart is equipped with safety warning and safety detection devices, which will immediately give an alarm and stop automatically when encountering pedestrians or obstacles, and is equipped with a fully automatic intelligent charger.

In addition, our AQ-BWP trackless transfer cart can be equipped with positioning devices, clamping devices, lifting platforms and other auxiliary devices to meet the needs of different occasions. This series of transfer cart can also be equipped with PLC control system to realize complete automatic control.

AQ-BWP Trackless Transfer Cart For Sale
AQ-BWP Trackless Transfer Cart

Technical Parameters of AQ-BWP Trackless Transfer Cart

Model AQ-BWP
Load capacity 2t~100t
Table size can be customized
Wheel base 1080~2000mm
Running speed 0~25m/min
Control mode button / remote control
AQ-BWP Battery Powered Trackless Transfer Cart
AQ-BWP Battery Powered Trackless Transfer Cart

If you would like to get a quotation for trackless electric cart or other types of transfer carts, please feel free to contact us.

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