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50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist in Factory

50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist for Mexico

Our client in Mexico, who has business in local salmon farming industry, required a robust solution for lifting fishing vessels. Understanding the unique demands of their operations, Aicrane provided a 50 ton mobile boat hoist tailored to their needs. This mobile boat hoist can lift up to 50 ton vessel with their hoists and straps. …

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Aicrane 500 Ton Boat Travel Lift Installation in a Nigerian Shipyard

In response to the growing demand from one of our Nigerian clients to enhance the capabilities of their shipyard, a major expansion project was initiated at the client shipyard. Central to this expansion was the acquisition and installation of a heavy-duty boat travel lift. The client shipyard collaborated with Aicrane to procure a specialized 500-ton …

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MBH 500 Ton Boat Lift to Nigeria

After thorough communication with the Nigerian customer, we recommended a 500 ton boat lift for his boat. At present, the boat lift has been manufactured and tested in our factory, and will be shipped to Nigeria. After the equipment arrives at the customer site, we have professional after-sales service engineers to guide the customer in …

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