5 Ton Electric Anchor Winch to Maldives

Aicrane 5 ton electric anchor winch was shipped to Maldives. This anchor winch is suitable for 16mm anchor chain, nominal speed 6m/min, rope capacity 16mm*100m (4 layers). Electric anchor winch is mainly used for small and medium-sized ships with convenient management and compact structure. The power source of the electric winch is an electric motor, … Read more

On-site Work Video of MH 10 Ton Gantry Crane in Uzbekistan

Product model: MH 10 ton single girder gantry crane Span: 16m Truss structure leg We tailor the most economical and productive gantry crane configuration according to customer needs. And also, we have an experienced installation and after-sales service team to provide users with fast and high-quality services. If users have any questions during installation and … Read more

10 Ton Double Drum Marine Electric Winch To Hong Kong

We designed this double drum marine electric winch 10 ton according to the requirements of our Hong Kong client. The winch is designed with frequency conversion speed regulation to adapt to frequent speed changes under different working conditions. It is energy-saving to a certain extent. Aicrane designs and manufactures a full range of marine winches … Read more

8T And 10T Electric Winches to UAE

Aicrane JM series 8 ton and 10 ton electric winches are packed and shipped to UAE. These winches are primarily used for pulling heavy loads. With quality assurance and complete after-sales service, the customer was satisfied with our brand. The JM series winches provided by Aicrane are mainly used for hoisting, pulling, and dragging heavy objects, … Read more

5 Ton Electric Winch to Australia

This 5 ton electric winch has been well-manufactured and is ready to be sent to the customer’s destination Australia. According to customer requirements and actual working conditions, the electric winch is equipped with rope arranging device, overload limiter, tension display, etc. Aicrane electric winch has the features of high versatility, compact structure, small size, light … Read more

Installation of Multi-pivot Suspension Crane in Customer’s Plant

Six-pivot suspension crane has been successfully installed in our customer’s plant. This multi-pivot underhung crane is specially designed and produced to meet the needs of large-span industrial plants or warehouses such as aircraft manufacturers and aircraft maintenance workshops. This kind of crane can reduce the influence of crane weight on the roof structure, reduce building … Read more

10T And 20T Semi Gantry Cranes in Uzbekistan

BMH 10 tons and 20 tons semi gantry cranes are installed in our customer facility Uzbekistan. These semi gantry cranes are equipped with electric chain hoists, which have strong ease of use, and can speed up work, improve safety and extend the service life of equipment. Aicrane semi gantry crane is highly adaptable, durable, and … Read more

3 Sets of MH Single Girder Gantry Cranes Installation in Uzbekistan

3 sets of Aicrane MH single girder gantry cranes have been successfully installed at out customer site in Uzbekistan. The load capacity is 10 tons. With the help of our experienced after-sales service engineers, the entire installation process went smoothly. The customer is very satisfied and expressed the hope to continue working with us. When … Read more

2 Ton Underhung Crane Installation in Honduras

2 ton underhung crane with electric chain hoist has been installed in our customer’s workshop. The under running crane is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses, stockyards and other places because of its compact structure, good rigidity, sensitive operation, low noise, no pollution, safety and reliability. The crane power supply is 380V 50Hz, … Read more

12 Ton Waterfall Type Hydraulic Winch in The Philippines

12 ton waterfall type double drum hydraulic winch has been successfully installed on customer’s boat. The Aicrane service team was there to ensure the fast, reliable and smooth installation and operation of the winch. The customer was very satisfied with our product and service, and said he will continue to work with us. For winches … Read more