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Main Beam

AQ-HD 5 Ton Overhead Crane Delivered to Kazakhstan

Aicrane AQ-HD European standard 5 ton overhead crane was delivered to Kazakhstan. It was dispatched from Zhengzhou station and was expected to arrive in about 25 days. The production cycle of the Kazakhstan 5 ton overhead crane was 45 days. During the production process, we regularly updated the production progress to the customer to let …

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Main Beam Packaging

Delivery of European Standard 5 Ton Gantry Crane to Australia

An AQ-MH European standard 5 ton gantry crane is delivered to Australia. It is shipped from Qingdao Port on May 5 and is expected to arrive at the destination port in early June. The gantry crane Australia started production in mid-February and completed in early April. During this period, we sent pictures to the customer …

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European Type Electric Hoist Shipped To Kenya

AQ-ND 2 Ton Electric Hoist Shipped to Kenya

Aicrane AQ-ND 2 ton electric hoist was about to be shipped to Kenya. In addition, we also supplied end beams for the Kenyan customer. This Kenyan customer needs a single-girder overhead crane to lift heavy objects in his facility. He googled and entered our website and found the exact overhead crane product he needed, so he sent us an …

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QPQ 2*25T Electric Winches Vietnam

QPQ 2*25T Electric Winches Were Shipped to Vietnam

Three QPQ 2*25T electric winches were shipped to Vietnam. The delivery time is 45 working days. These electric winches are dispatched from Qingdao port and arrive at Ho Chi Minh port in Vietnam within 9 days. The installation of these electric winches is also very simple, and our after-sales service engineers will guide the installation online. …

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Main Girder

AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead Crane Was Shipped to Kenya

An AQ-HD 10 ton overhead crane was shipped to Kenya. The customer required a single girder overhead crane to hoist the mechanical parts for assembly. Therefore, after full communication with the customer, we recommended our AQ-HD overhead crane to him, which is very suitable for the customer’s delicate work. Details of AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead …

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Delivery of Steel Structure to Thailand

Delivery of Workshop Steel Structure To Thailand

The workshop steel structure is loaded and will be delivered to Thailand. According to the parameters and actual project requirements provided by the Thai customer, we provided him with the design drawings of the steel structure workshop, and processed and produced the steel structure for the customer. Customer Review of Thailand Steel Structure Unique Advantages of Steel …

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Delivery of Reach Stacker to Vietnam

10 Ton Reach Stacker On Its Way to Vietnam

We are glad to tell customers that a 10 ton reach stacker was on its way to Vietnam! The container reach stacker 10 ton will be used in the container production yard in Vietnam, since the customer company produces containers and needs to use a reach stacker for transshipment. Test Run Video of The Vietnam …

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Uzbekistan 16 Ton Gantry Crane for Sale

Installation of Single Girder 16 Ton Gantry Crane in Uzbekistan

Congratulations to our Uzbekistan customer for the successful installation of a single girder 16 ton gantry crane outside his workshop! We have worked with this customer many times, and he is so satisfied with our products and services that he keeps returning orders to us. Detailed Information About The Uzbekistan 16 Ton Gantry Crane The single girder 16 ton gantry …

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AQ-LB Single Girder Explosion Proof Overhead Crane Uzbekistan

Single Girder Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes Installation in Uzbekistan

Two sets of single girder explosion proof overhead cranes have been installed in the production workshops in Uzbekistan: AQ-LB 10 ton explosion-proof crane and AQ-NLXB 2 ton explosion proof bridge crane. The two overhead cranes are top-running and under-running respectively to accommodate to the different workshop conditions. Why Does The Uzbekistan Customer Choose Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes? …

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Installation of AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead Cranes in Uzbekistan

AQ-HD Overhead Cranes Were Installed in Uzbekistan

Congratulations to Aicrane for the multiple sets of AQ-HD overhead cranes that have been installed in the customer’s workshop in Uzbekistan, including AQ-HD 3 ton overhead cranes, 5 ton overhead cranes, 10 ton overhead cranes, 16 ton overhead cranes and 16+10 ton overhead cranes. Installation of The 3T/5T/10T/16T Overhead Cranes in Uzbekistan Installing these overhead …

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