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Canadian Customer Feedback on 20 Ton Transfer Cart

We are very glad to receive photo and video feedback from a Canadian customer, saying that after using our transfer carts for about a year, he thinks that everything is still running well and is very satisfied with it. These transfer carts are used to transfer steel structures and other materials in his workshop. Read on to learn more details about the 20 ton transfer carts.

20 Ton Transfer Cart
20 Ton Transfer Cart For A Canadian Customer Workshop

Basic Information of The 20 Ton Electric Transfer Cart

  • Parameters – the Canadian customer uses our AQ-KPX series battery powered rail transfer carts, which are reasonable in cost and flexible in operation. The load capacity is 20 ton, and the speed is 4-40m/min with frequency conversion operation, so the operation is more stable.
  • Production cycle – the production cycle of our 20 ton battery transfer carts is about 40 days.
  • Packaging and delivery – our transfer carts were packaged in wooden boxes for the whole machine. Considering the difficulty of battery transportation, we provided battery pack models, which are internationally accepted, and the customers purchased batteries locally by themselves.
  • Installation – the installation of the electric transfer cart is very simple and convenient, and the customers installed it by themselves. And our installation engineers provided online installation guidance.
20 Ton Battery Transfer Cart For Sale
20 Ton Battery Transfer Cart
20 Ton Transfer Cart in Canada
20 Ton Transfer Cart in Canada
Transfer Cart Wheels
Transfer Cart Control
Transfer Cart Control

How Does The 20 Ton Transfer Cart Work in Workshop?

Our AQ-KPX 20 ton transfer cart is powered by the battery, which is installed inside the electric flat cat. The power supply provides power to the DC traction motor through the electrical control system to control the start, stop, forward, backward and speed regulation of the transfer cart.

More Types of Transfer Carts From Aicrane

In addition to our AQ-KPX transfer carts, we also supply AQ-KPJ cable drum powered transfer carts, AQ-KPD low-voltage rail powered transfer carts, AQ-BWP trackless transfer carts, turntable transfer carts, hydraulic lifting transfer carts, coil transfer carts, ladle transfer carts, etc. If you are interested in getting proposals from AICRANE, please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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