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Boat Travel Lifts for Sale

  • Boat Travel Lift - 4-wheel

Boat travel lift is a kind of mobile gantry crane for boat hauling, which is a kind of portal use crane manufactured by Aicrane. This boat lift is specifically designed for different kinds of boat handling, such as to launch a boat, lift it out of the water and transport these vessels in the yard.

We provide different types of boat travel hoists to promote your marine industry efficiency and help you profit more from your industry. Cost effective, high performance, and one-stop service will save your costs and investments both in time and money involving in this purchasing project.

Types of Boat Travel Lift For Sale

Videos of Various Kinds of Boat Travel Lifts

Any boats you have, any types of travel lifts we can manufacture for you

Marine Boat Lift Manufacturer
Marine Boat Lift

Since the company has its own boat lifts manufacturing division, any types of these cranes you need, the company can manufacture for you. What’s more, the boat travel lifts manufactured by our factory are also applied to different kinds of boats with different capacities and materials.

Tailored boat lifts for your special boats

Different kinds of boats or ships of yours may be equipped with different materials and capacities and in such circumstances, the requirement to the travel lifts in specifications and parameters. The wood boat travel lift may need a small and light duty travel lifts to ensure the wood boat away from broken for hoisting operations. However, if your lifetime boat need a mobile hoists gantry crane, it will have higher demands on everything related to this kind of boats, both in configurations and specifications and operator qualifications.

Marine Boat Travel Lift Specifications

Boat Travel Lift for Sale
Boat Travel Lift for Sale

Yacht Lift Supplier
Yacht Lift for Sale

Mobile Boat Gantry Crane Supplier
Mobile Boat Gantry Crane

Model MBH
Rated lifting capacity 10-1200t
Span 6.5-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Running speed 0-40m/min

Features of Mobile Boat Lifts

  • Boat hoists configured with wireless remote control will improve operational safety and manoeuvrability. The wireless remote control increases the visibility of the boat, launching piers and surrounding area.
  • Top Beam Extension: with such crane configuration your boat travel hoists will lift different kinds of boats quickly. Top beam extensions provide additional clearance without needing to adjust the vessel’s rigging.
  • All Wheel Electronic Steering: lead to a boat travel lift with high versatility, manoeuvrability and precision in confined boat yard spaces with patented all-wheel steering technology. The system includes 5 steering modes with more drive and turning speed.
  • Sound Suppression System: create a quiet and comfortable operation environment in your ports.
  • Electronic Load Indicator: upgrade your crane control system, promote your crane working performance.
  • Increased Gradeability: working space saving.
  • Work & Drive Lights: High-mounted and/or low-mounted 12-volt DC lights illuminate work and drive areas and run off the crane’s electrical system. Custom configurations are available. Ensuring a higher safety operation environments for your industry.
  • Customizable Height & Width: boat hoists are available in custom heights and widths to meet the specific requirements of your yard.
  • Enclosed Cab: Ensure maximum operator comfort (particularly in colder climates) with a lockable door, sliding windows, windshield wiper, heater and window defrosting fan. Optional air-conditioning is also available for the enclosed cab.
  • Custom Colors: All boat travel lifts machines can be painted with a custom colour.

All the above crane configurations are available for your reference, if you have additional customized requirements, please be free to contact our crane engineer.

Lifting capacity design for your reference

We can provide you with boat travel lifts with various capacities to meet all kinds of boat hauling requirements. There is heavy duty boat travel hoists over 500t for large boats, and light-duty boat travel lifts from 10t for small boats hauling operations. Thus, any capacity of cranes you need, the factory can tailor for you.

The following kinds of boat travel hoist with different capacities in 50t, 75t, 150t, 200t, 300t, 500t and more are the best selling cranes designed by our factory:

50 Ton Travel Lift for Sale
50 Ton Travel Lift

50 ton boat travel lift for sale from our factory is 4-wheel structure. It can provide your yacht or sailing club with the ability to lift a wide variety of boats. Like all boat travel lifts and mobile boat hoists, it can be built with custom sizes to accommodate your boat configurations.

Model MBH
Rated lifting capacity 50 ton
Span 6.5-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Running speed 0-40m/min

75 Ton Travel Lift for Sale
75 Ton Travel Lift

75 ton travel lift is manufactured to increase your lifting capacity while improving speed and efficiency. Among the different capacities of boat travel lift, the 75t boat lift provides high-performance, safe and reliable operation.

Model MBH
Rated lifting capacity 75 ton
Span 6.5-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Running speed 0-40m/min

150 Ton Travel Lift for Boat
150 Ton Travel Lift for Sale

150 ton travel lift sale can keep your marina or boatyard on schedule. The 150 ton boat lift crane is easily expandable with fully adjustable hoist blocks while retaining its full lifting capacity.

Model MBH
Rated lifting capacity 150 ton
Span 6.5-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Running speed 0-40m/min

200 Ton Travel Lift Manufacturer
200 Ton Travel Lift

200 ton travel lift enables you to lift the boats day in and day out with confidence. This kind of mobile boat hoist is ideal for salt-water marinas and available with a wide variety of options to ensure you get the right machine to meet the demands of your yard.

Model MBH
Rated lifting capacity 200 ton
Span 6.5-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Running speed 0-40m/min

250 Ton Travel Lift For Sale
250 Ton Travel Lift

Model MBH
Rated lifting capacity 250 ton
Span 6.5-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Running speed 0-40m/min

300 Ton Marine Travel Lift For Sale
300 Ton Travel Lift For Sale

Model MBH
Rated lifting capacity 300 ton
Span 6.5-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Running speed 0-40m/min

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Why Choose Aicrane?

In such a competitions crane manufacturing industry, before you come to our crane online manufacturing site, you must spend some time on selecting a reliable crane supplier.

Cost effective, high quality, high-performance boat lift is your priority and also our long commitment:

A cost-effective, high quality, high performance, totally match for your special requirements are your priority to choose a boat travel lift supplier. As a recognizable integrated crane company, we have our own crane factory and crane research and development institutions, and we also have forged cooperation relationships with the boat lifts international companies and boats hoist in China, thus all types of our products are configured with cutting-edge technology and high performance.

  • Cutting-edge configuration crane makes your work more easy and safe;
  • Crane solution provided save your time on the entire crane purchasing project;
  • Customized service support: manufacturer a crane exclusively for your industry;
  • One stop service system: you can choose our entire service related to your crane lifts;
  • Cost-effective cranes: in depending crane manufacturing, factor price level; no third party involved in, no additional charges added.

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