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Boat Travel Lift

Boat travel lift is a specialized piece of equipment used to lift boats and move them from one location to another. The boat lift is designed for different types of boat handling such as launching boats, lifting them out of the water and transporting those boats to the yard. We offer different types of boat lifts to increase the efficiency of your marine industry and help you get more profit from your industry. Aicrane’s cost-effective and high performance products and one-stop service will save your time and money in this procurement project.

Aicrane Boat Travel Lift Tailored For Your Boats

Aicrane boat travel lifts can be custom designed and manufactured according to different requirements of customers. Our marine boat lift has a rated lifting capacity of 10~1200t to lift boats of various sizes and weights, ranging from small recreational boats to large commercial vessels. The boat lift crane is fully hydraulically driven, or it can also be fully electric driven according to your requirements. There are various running and steering modes, such as straight travel, oblique travel, Ackerman steering, etc., to meet different working conditions.

If you want to customize a boat travel lift for your boat, please feel free to contact us and let us know your boat information, including maximum boat weight, boat width, length and height etc. Our boat lift professionals will provide a custom solution for your specific project.

Boat Travel Lift Design
Aicrane Boat Travel Lift Design

Aicrane Boat Lifts of Different Capacities for Sale

We can provide customer projects with marine boat lifts of various capacities to meet different kinds of boat hauling requirements. There are heavy duty boat travel lifts over 500 tons for large boats, and light-duty boat travel lifts from 10 tons for small boats hauling operations. In a word, any capacities of boat hoist cranes you need, our factory can tailor it for you.

The following are our mobile boat lift in different capacities such as 30 ton, 50 ton, 100 ton, 200 ton, 300 ton and 500 ton for your reference:

30 Ton Boat Lifts

  • The 30 ton travel lift is used in marinas to lift and transport boats that weigh up to 30 tons. The boat lift is driven hydraulically and can be operated by a trained and experienced operator using a remote control.
30 Ton Boat Travel Lift
30 Ton Boat Travel Lift For Sale
30 Ton Travel Lift For Sale
30 Ton Travel Lift

50 Ton Boat Travel Lifts

  • The 50 ton boat travel lift for sale from our factory is a 4-wheel structure. It can provide your yacht or sailing club with the ability to lift a wide variety of boats. Like all boat travel lifts and marine hoists, it can be built with custom sizes to accommodate your boat configurations.
50 Ton Boat Travel Lift Price
50 Ton Boat Travel Lift
50 Ton Travel Hoist For Sale
50 Ton Travel Lift For Sale

100 Ton Boat Travel Lifts

  • Our 100 ton travel lift is manufactured to increase your lifting capacity while improving speed and efficiency. Like all other boat travel lifts, the 100 ton boat lift provides high-performance, safe and reliable operation.
100 Ton Boat Travel Lift For Sale
100 Ton Boat Travel Lift

200 Ton Boat Travel Lifts

  • 200 ton travel lift can keep your marina or boatyard on schedule. The boat lift crane is easily expandable with fully adjustable hoist blocks while retaining its full lifting capacity.
200 Ton Marine Travel Lift For Sale
200 Ton Marine Travel Lift
200 Ton Boat Travel Lift For Sale
200 Ton Boat Travel Lift

300 Ton Boat Travel Lifts

  • 300 ton travel lift enables you to lift boats day in and day out with confidence. This kind of mobile boat hoist is ideal for marinas and available with a wide variety of options to ensure you get the right machine to meet the demands of your project.
300 Ton Boat Lifts
300 Ton Boat Travel Lift For Sale
300 Ton Boat Hoist Manufacturer
300 Ton Boat Lift

500 Ton Boat Lifts

  • The 500 ton boat travel lift is used in shipyards to lift and transport large vessels for maintenance, repair, and launching. It can lift vessels out of the water and onto land, or move them from one location to another within the shipyard. The 500 ton travel lift is also used for launching newly built vessels into the water.
500 Ton Boat Travel Hoist Exported to Nigeria
500 Ton Boat Travel Lift Exported to Nigeria

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Features Of Aicrane Mobile Boat Lifts

  • Remote Control: Boat travel hoists configured with wireless remote control will improve operational safety and manoeuvrability. The wireless remote control increases the visibility of the boat, launching piers and surrounding area.
  • Top Beam Extension: with such boat crane configuration, your boat travel hoists will lift different kinds of boats quickly. Top beam extensions provide additional clearance without needing to adjust the vessel’s rigging.
  • All Wheel Electronic Steering: lead to a boat travel lift with high versatility, manoeuvrability and precision in confined boat yard spaces with patented all-wheel steering technology. The system includes 5 steering modes with more drive and turning speed.
  • Sound Suppression System: create a quiet and comfortable operation environment in your ports.
  • Electronic Load Indicator: upgrade your boat crane control system, promote your crane working performance.
  • Work & Drive Lights: High-mounted and / or low-mounted 12-volt DC lights illuminate work and drive areas and run off the boat crane’s electrical system. Custom configurations are available. Ensuring a higher safety operation environments for your industry.
  • Customizable Height & Width: mobile boat hoists are available in custom heights and widths to meet the specific requirements of your yard.
  • Enclosed Cab: Ensure maximum operator comfort (particularly in colder climates) with a lockable door, sliding windows, windshield wiper, heater and window defrosting fan. Optional air-conditioning is also available for the enclosed cab.
  • Custom Colors: All boat lift machines can be painted with a custom colour.

All the above marine boat lift configurations are available for your reference, and if you have additional customized requirements, please feel free to contact our boat lift crane engineer.

Mobile Boat Travel Hoists

What Are The Advantages of Boat Travel Hoists?

Boat travel lifts offer several advantages over other methods of lifting and moving boats. Some of the key advantages of boat travel lifts include:

  • Versatility: Aicrane marine boat travel lifts are designed to handle a wide range of boat sizes and weights, making them a versatile option for lifting and moving boats of different types and sizes.
  • Mobility: Boat travel lifts are mobile and can be easily moved around a marina or boatyard. This allows them to be used in different locations, making them a flexible option for lifting and transporting boats.
  • Precision: Marine boat travel lifts are equipped with controls that allow the operator to position the boat with precision. This is particularly important when lifting boats with delicate or complex structures.
  • Efficiency: Travel lifts can lift and transport boats quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and labor required to move boats from one location to another.
  • Safety: Marine travel lifts are equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and safety interlocks to ensure the safety of personnel and the boat being lifted.
  • Damage Prevention: Boat travel lifts use straps or slings to support the weight of the boat, reducing the risk of damage to the boat’s hull or other components.

Where Are Boat Travel Lifts Used?

Boat travel lifts are used primarily in marinas and boatyards where boats need to be lifted out of the water for maintenance, repair, or storage. Here are some of the specific places where boat travel lifts may be used:

  • Marinas: Marina travel lifts are commonly used in marinas to lift boats out of the water for maintenance and repair work.
  • Boatyards: Boatyards use boat travel lifts to move boats from the water to dry land for storage or repair work.
  • Shipyards: Larger boat travel lifts are used in shipyards to lift commercial vessels out of the water for maintenance and repair work.
  • Fishing Harbors: Boat travel lifts may also be used in fishing harbors to lift fishing boats out of the water for repairs or to change out gear.
  • Military Bases: Military bases with maritime operations may use marine travel lifts for maintenance and repair work on their vessels.

Overall, boat travel lifts are used wherever boats need to be lifted out of the water for maintenance, repair, or storage. They are an essential piece of equipment for marinas, boatyards, and other marine facilities.

Applications of Boat Lifts

How Much Does A Boat Lift Cost?

The price of a boat travel lift can vary widely depending on several factors such as the lifting capacity, brand, features, and location. Generally, smaller and simpler boat lifts can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, while larger and more complex models can cost millions or more. Therefore, we cannot give a specific price figure without knowing the specific parameters and requirements of your boat lift.

In general, the cost of a boat travel lift can be influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • Size and load capacity: Larger and more heavy-duty boat travel lifts tend to be more expensive than smaller models with lower load capacities.
  • Brand and quality: High-quality and reputable brands are likely to be more expensive than lesser-known or lower-quality brands.
  • Features and options: Boat lift cranes with more features and options, such as wireless remote controls, hydraulic systems, and self-propulsion capabilities, may be more expensive than simpler models.
  • Customization: If your marine travel lift needs to be customized to fit specific requirements or specifications, this may increase the cost.
  • Delivery and installation: The cost of delivery and installation can vary depending on the location and complexity of the installation.

It is important to keep in mind that the cost of a boat travel lift is a significant investment for any marine facility and should be carefully considered based on the specific needs and requirements of the facility. If you would like to get the latest boat travel lift price from us, please feel free to contact us.

Boat Travel Lift Price
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How to Choose a Boat Travel Lift Manufacturer

Choosing a boat travel lift manufacturer or supplier involves several factors that should be considered carefully. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a boat travel lift manufacturer:

  • Quality and Durability: A boat travel lift is a significant investment for any marine facility, and it is important to choose a manufacturer that produces high-quality and durable equipment that will last for many years.
  • Features and Options: Different manufacturers offer different features and options, such as electric or hydraulic power, and various lifting mechanisms. The reliable boat lift manufacturer can offer options that meet the specific needs of the facility.
  • Customer Service and Support: A dependable marine travel lift manufacturer can offer strong customer service and support, including assistance with installation, user training, maintenance, and repair.
  • Reputation and Reviews: It is important to research the reputation of the travel lift manufacturer and read reviews from other marine facilities that have purchased and used their equipment.
  • Price and Value: Look for boat hoist manufacturers that can offer competitive pricing that provides good value for the features and capabilities of their equipment.

By carefully considering these factors and doing research on different manufacturers, you can choose the reliable and trusted boat travel lift manufacturer to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Choosing Aicrane As Your Boat Travel Lift Supplier

As a well-known comprehensive crane equipment manufacturing company, we have our own crane factory, integrating crane R&D manufacturing, delivery, installation and after-sales service. We can be your reliable boat travel lift supplier for several reasons:

  • Customized solution design: Our professional engineers and project consultants will fully discuss product requirements and budgets with customers, and provide customized solutions for customer projects.
  • Order follow-up: Aicrane customer service specialists will follow up the execution of orders one-on-one, regularly update production progress, arrange shipping, installation and other work in advance, to ensure that the equipment is completed and delivered to the customer’s site in time.
  • Installation and after-sales service: According to the customer’s requirements, Aicrane installation engineers can provide online or on-site installation guidance, and also provide operator training services, including operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. The after-sales service specialist will regularly visit customers to understand the operation of the equipment.

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