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AQ-NLH 30 Ton Overhead Crane in Nigeria

This AQ-NLH 30 ton overhead crane has been installed in our customer’s workshop in Nigeria. The whole installation process went smoothly under the guidance of our professional after-sales service engineers.

Why The Customer Choose AQ-NLH Series Overhead Crane?

  1. Compared with ordinary double girder overhead crane, the NLH series of European hoist double girder crane has lower height, lighter weight and reduced wheel pressure.
  2. The work duty of ordinary hoist double girder crane can only reach A3 and A4, and cannot be applied to heavy load or frequent material handling conditions. However, the work duty of AQ-NLH overhead crane can reach A5 or even A6.
  3. The crane has smaller hook limit and larger working area.
  4. This kind of overhead crane is designed to operate with frequency conversion and speed regulation, which has low impact and can achieve precise positioning. Therefore, it is especially suitable for places such as precision assembly of parts and material handling that require precise positioning.
  5. The electric control system adopts the original imported brand Schneider, which has reliable performance, high sensitivity and long service life.

Video of AQ-NLH 30 Ton Overhead Crane in Nigeria

Our Service

We provide customers with timely and comprehensive after-sales service to make their cranes run quickly, safely and stably:

  • We can send professional after-sales service engineers to the site to guide the installation and commissioning of the crane.
  • We can train your operation and maintenance staff to use your crane safely.
  • We provide spare parts service.
  • Our service is available at 24/7.

If you are interested in our overhead cranes, please feel free to contact us!

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