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Installation of AQ-LD 5 Ton Overhead Crane in Kenya

Aicrane AQ-LD 5 ton overhead crane has been installed in Kenya. During the installation process, our after-sales service engineers provided timely and professional online guidance to assist the Kenyan customer to install the crane quickly and smoothly. After the installation was completed, the customer sent us photos of the installation of the 5 ton overhead crane, saying that the crane was in good trial operation.

5 Ton Overhead Crane in Kenya
5 Ton Overhead Crane in Kenya

Installation of Overhead Crane in Kenya
Installation of Overhead Crane in Kenya

Kenya 5 Ton Overhead Crane
Kenya 5 Ton Overhead Crane

Details Of 5 Ton Overhead Crane Kenya

After fully communicating and understanding the Kenyan customer’s lifting requirements and facility conditions, and also according to his budget, we recommend to him an AQ-LD 5-ton overhead crane with a span of 10.7m and a lifting height of 6m.

Kenya 5 Ton Overhead Crane Customer Review

Alkash - Kenya

Thanks to the Aicrane service team for guiding us to install the 5 ton overhead crane you supplied to us, your responses were prompt and professional. With your help, we successfully installed it!

Features of AQ-LD Overhead Crane Kenya

The AQ-LD overhead crane Kenya is a cost-effective choice for general light lifting requirements. It has the following characteristics:

1. The structural design of the component is reasonable, which is convenient for repair and maintenance.

2. The design of each mechanism facilitates disassembly and assembly, whichis convenient for maintenance.

3. The crane is equipped with safety devices and has high reliability.

4. Small size, compact structure, light weight.

5. Beautiful appearance and easy operation

Contact Us For The Right Overhead Crane Solutions in Kenya!

If you want to buy an overhead crane for your business in Kenya, please feel free to contact Aicrane! Our professional crane engineers are here to help you design the right overhead crane solutions based on your lifting requirements and budget!

For Kenya overhead crane solutions, please confirm the parameters of the crane you need, so that we can provide you with a suitable quotation, such as load capacity, span, lifting height, travel length, working environment, etc. After receiving your inquiry, we will have a sales manager responsible for the Kenyan market to contact you, and after confirming your needs, we will provide you with the right overhead crane design plans and quotations!

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