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AQ-LD 16 Ton Overhead Crane Was Installed in Malaysia

An AQ-LD single girder 16 ton overhead crane has been installed in our customer’s workshop in Malaysia. According to the customer’s plant conditions and lifting requirements, we recommend that the overhead crane Malaysia be equipped with a low-headroom wire rope hoist.

Overhead Crane for Sale Malaysia
Overhead Crane Malaysia

Installation of 16 Ton Overhead Hoist Crane Malaysia

Under the guidance of our after-sales service engineer, the 16 ton overhead crane Malaysia has been successfully installed in the customer’s workshop. Aicrane has an overseas office in Malaysia, so our Malaysian customers can enjoy local technical support.

Overhead Crane With Low Headroom Hoist Malaysia
Overhead Crane With Low Headroom Hoist Malaysia

16 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale Malaysia
16 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale Malaysia

Advantages of Overhead Crane With Low Headroom Electric Hoist

1. Increased lifting height – With the best headroom, the lifting height of the low headroom hoist Malaysia can be increased by 200-500mm compared with ordinary CD electric hoists.

2. Reliable performance – Using excellent three-in-one transmission technology, the hoisting reducer is made of high-quality alloy steel with three-stage deceleration, so it runs smoothly, has a long service life and reliable performance, avoiding many shortcomings of long-distance transmission of the intermediate shaft of the CD hoist.

3. High-quality components – The electrical components are world-class Schneider products, using large-capacity contactors and other components. The connection between the control switch and the motor and electrical components uses quick plugs to make on-site installation faster.

4. Custom design – The low headroom hoist can be customized according to user requirements: hoist running and lifting single and double speed or variable frequency stepless speed regulation control, remote control operation, overload protection, motor overheating protection, etc.

5. Convenient installation and maintenance – The electric hoist Malaysia is easy to disassemble and install and convenient for maintenance.

Low Headroom Overhead Crane for Sale
Low Headroom Overhead Crane

Where Is The Low Headroom Overhead Crane Used?

Sometimes, it is necessary to lift the load as close to the roof as possible, but the ordinary electric hoist occupies a certain height by itself and cannot lift the load to a position very close to the roof. In this case, the advantages of the low-headroom wire rope electric hoist can be brought into play.

The low headroom electric hoist changes the vertical design to the horizontal design, so that the whole machine occupies a small height, thus reducing the footprint and getting closer to the roof.

If you want to get the most out of your warehouse, you can reduce overhead space by using a low-headroom overhead crane. In addition, if the equipment is installed very close to the roof, the low headroom hoist can also be used.

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Looking for a reliable overhead crane manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia? Aicrane can be a great choice. The Aicrane brand has been focusing on the Malaysian market for many years, providing customers with various types of lifting equipment and customized solutions, including overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, electric hoists, construction winches, marine winches, boat lifts, etc.

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