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AQ-HD 5 Ton Overhead Crane Installation in Bahrain

AQ-HD 5 ton overhead crane was installed in Bahrain. The crane is used to lift round bars in workshop. This overhead crane 5 ton is one of our hot selling products and is a popular choice for many customers. AQ-HD European style overhead crane is designed according to European FEM standard. The main beam is a square box structure. It is equipped with ND type European wire rope electric hoist.

5 Ton Overhead Crane Bahrain
5 Ton Overhead Crane in Bahrain

Why Do Customers Choose The AQ-HD 5 Ton Overhead Crane?

  • AQ-HD European overhead crane has the characteristics of light weight, small wheel pressure, small limit size, reliable performance, low noise, low energy consumption, easy operation, etc.
  • The European-style single-girder overhead crane adopts two-speed hoisting and variable-frequency control for the operation of the crane and trolley, which can meet the needs of precision hoisting operations.
  • The operation mode ofthe crane is pendant operation, remote control operation or both ways to meet the operation requirements of different occasions.

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