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AQ-HD 5 Ton Overhead Crane Delivered to Kazakhstan

Aicrane AQ-HD European standard 5 ton overhead crane was delivered to Kazakhstan. It was dispatched from Zhengzhou station and was expected to arrive in about 25 days. The production cycle of the Kazakhstan 5 ton overhead crane was 45 days. During the production process, we regularly updated the production progress to the customer to let him know the production situation. The customer was very satisfied with this.

Main Beam
Main Beam

End Beam
End Beam

European Type Electric Hoist Kazakhstan
European Type Electric Hoist

5 Ton Electric Hoist For Sale Kazakhstan
5 Ton Electric Hoist Kazakhstan

Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box

Applications of AQ-HD 5 Ton Overhead Crane In Kazakhstan

The AQ-HD European style 5 ton overhead crane Kazakhstan will be used in the packaging factory to lift finished plastic bottle caps and PET preforms. The span is 21.8m and the lifting height is 12m.

Our AQ-HD European standard single girder overhead crane can be widely used in workshops and warehouses in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, port, railway, civil aviation, power plant, paper making, building materials and other industries. It is especially suitable for material handling that requires precise positioning, precision assembly of large parts, etc.

Why Did Kazakhstan Customer Choose Aicrane?

  • 1. Technical support – all technical issues raised by the customer are perfectly solved by our professional engineers, and we provide the most suitable overhead crane solution and configuration for the customer’s factory.
  • 2. Competitive price – compared with other suppliers, our AQ-HD overhead crane 5 ton is priced competitively, and the customer is satisfied with our price.
  • 3. Good customer feedback – Aicrane has cooperative customers locally. After contacting our cooperative customer, this Kazakhstan customer got good feedback, so he decided to purchase from Aicrane.

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