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Aicrane Solution for Chile

Basic Information of the Project

Product name:
32t overhead crane & steel structure workshop
Lifting crushing equipment
Delivery time:
45 working days
Installation time:
March 23, 2023
Installation service:
Online installation guidance

Video of Aicrane Overhead Crane

Cooperation Process Between Aicrane And The
Customer From Chile

Customer Requirements

The Chilean client company is a mine services company with more than 14 years of experience dedicated to providing manufacturing services, repair of components and work both in workshops and in the field for mining and regional industry.

The company was expanding its operation area and capabilities, and the old simple shed couldn’t support a large overhead crane to lift the heavy crushing equipment, the work efficiency was not high and also the manual workload was very large. Therefore, a new steel structure workshop and a new large-tonnage overhead crane were then needed for a new operation area.

The overhead crane specifications included: double girder, 32 ton load capacity, 14m span and 10m lifting height. The overhead crane is used to lift the crushing equipment for maintenance.

Mining in Chile
Our Solutions

For this project, the Aicrane engineers designed an AQ-NLH 32 ton double girder overhead crane and a steel structure workshop in the first version of the plan.

After learning that the customer planned to add another crane in the workshop, we immediately made a second version of the plan. Our engineers adjusted the size of the columns of the steel structure and the crane rail beams to ensure that the workshop structure was strong enough to support two overhead travelling cranes.

After the video conference with the Aicrane teams, the customer finally approved the second version of the plan, and purchased an AQ-NLH 32 ton overhead crane and the steel structure part of the workshop.

Overhead Crane Solution
Solution for Steel Structure And Overhead Crane
Equipment Production

After receiving the customer’s advance payment, we completed the equipment production within 45 days according to the time agreed in the contract. During the production period, Aicrane’s customer service specialist followed up one-on-one and updated the production progress to the customer in time.

Overhead Crane Equipment Production

Shipment Of The Steel Structures And Overhead Crane To Chile

Aicrane’s shipping department docked with the customer’s designated freight forwarder to complete the sea transportation, and the goods arrived at the customer’s site smoothly on schedule.

Delivery of Steel Structures And Overhead Crane to Chile

On-Site Installation Of The Overhead Crane And Steel Structures

During the installation of the overhead crane and steel structures, Aicrane installation engineers provided online guidance to assist customer’s engineers in installation and commissioning of the equipment.

On-Site Installation Of 32 Ton Overhead Crane
32 Ton Overhead Crane Installed in Chile
Crane Test Run

After the 32 ton overhead crane was installed, it was started and carried out no-load and load tests to ensure that everything is in working order. The test run includes: testing of the hoist operation up and down, trolley travel and bridge travel.

What Does The Customer Say?

Mr. Señor, Luis Henriquez:

For the product:

“We were very pleased with the Aicrane’s AQ-NLH 32 ton double-girder overhead crane, which fully met our needs. The design and quality of the steel structure was also very good.”

For the Aicrane team:

“The after-sales service was surprised me, it was qucik and efficient. Although there is a time difference, they always responded to our questions within 2 hours, which was a great help to our engineers.”

Aicrane After-sales Service

Installation Service

Installation and commissioning services to ensure that the crane is properly installed, calibrated, and tested for safe operation.

Training Service

Provide training services to educate the crane operators on the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

Spare Parts Service

Provide a range of spare parts and components for their overhead crane models.

Aicrane Customized Lifting Solutions For Your Project!

Not only for this project, we are committed to provide turnkey solution to all customers’ projects. What Aicrane delivers is not just a piece of equipment, but the after-sales service and guarantee provided by Aicrane for the entire life cycle of the equipment. If you would like to work with an experienced and trusted overhead crane manufacturer, or would like to inquire about overhead crane prices, please feel free to contact us. We provide free quotes and consultations for every project.