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50 Ton Winch

We are committed to the design and manufacture of various specifications and models of 50 ton winch to suit different lifting and pulling requirements:

AQ-JM slow speed electric winch: commonly found in construction and installation work to lift and pull heavy loads or materials, such as the installation and dismantling of medium and large-sized concrete, steel structures and mechanical equipment. AQ-JM series winch can also be custom designed for marine applications, such as anchoring, mooring or towing vessels.

Slow Speed 50 Ton Electric Winch For Sale
Slow Speed 50 Ton Electric Winch

Slow speed 50 ton electric winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~3600 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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AQ-JMM friction winch: it is a sort of large engineering winch designed with two frictions drums and a wire storage drum. The winch delivers constant wire rope speed and stable performance, ideally suited to lift or pull large and extra-large concrete, steel structures and steel cables.

Friction Winch For Sale
Friction Winch

Friction winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~100 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~5000 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Features And Options of 50 Ton Winch Machine

  • Robust structure, wide range of applications
  • Electric or hydraulic driven
  • Single or double drum
  • Rope spooling device, to help spool the wire rope better on the drum
  • Drum guard, to protect the winch users
  • Local central control or remote control
  • Load limiter
  • Limit switches
  • Band brake, an extra brake fitted on the drum
  • Clutches, for pulling winches

Wide Applications of 50 Ton Winch

Construction application

50 ton electric winches are reliable and cost-effective options for lifting and pulling heavy loads or materials in various engineering projects on land and along the coast, such as building construction, road construction, bridge construction, the installation of heavy equipment, etc.

Marine and offshore application

Winches can also be used on different types of vessels for anchoring, mooring or towing purposes. These winches can be designed to be electrically or hydraulically driven according to user’s preference, the available infrastructure, working environment, financial consideration, etc. Electric winches have simple system, easy operation, low operating costs, simple installation and maintenance, which are cost-effective options for marine applications, while hydraulic winches can be used for the most demanding tasks in marine. If the electric power is unavailable or hard to obtain in your work area, you can consider using a hydraulic power winch.

According to your application, we can design a winch equipment with the right features and functions to maximize your work efficiency and safety.

Specifications of 50 Ton Winch

Technical Parameters of AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JM1 10 15 100 9.3 Y112M-6 3 620x701x417 270
AQ-JM1.6 16 16 150 12.5 Y132M-6 5.5 945x996x570 500
AQ-JM2 20 16 150 13 Y160M-6 7.5 945x996x570 550
AQ-JM3.2 32 9.5 150 15.5 YZR160M-6 7.5 1430x1160x910 1100
AQ-JM3.2B 32 12 195 15.5 YZR160M-6 7.5 1082x1014x610 536
AQ-JM5 50 10 270 21.5 YZR160L-6 11 1235x1230x805 1560
AQ-JM5B 50 9.5 200 21.5 YZR160L-6 11 1620x1260x945 1800
AQ-JM5C 50 9.5 250 21.5 YZR160L-6 11 1235x1230x805 1800
AQ-JM5D 50 15 250 21.5 YZR180L-6 15 1235x1230x805 1850
AQ-JM5E 50 20 250 21.5 YZR200L-6 22 1235x1230x805 2000
AQ-JM6 60 9.5 270 24 YZR180L-6 15 1235x1509x805 1800
AQ-JM8 80 8 250 26 YZR180L-6 15 2090x1475x956 2900
AQ-JM8B 80 9.5 350 26 YZR180L-6 15 1075x1598x985 2650
AQ-JM10 100 8 170 30 YZR200L-6 22 2090x1475x956 3000
AQ-JM10B 100 9.5 250 30 YZR200L-6 22 1705x2200x985 3500
AQ-JM12.5 125 8 300 34 YZR225M-6 30 2880x2200x1550 5000
AQ-JM13.5 135 0-5 290 28 YZR225S-8 22 2990x2363x1650 6500
AQ-JM16 160 10 500 37 YZR250M2-8 37 3750x2400x1850 8800
AQ-JM20 200 10 600 43 YZR280S-8 45 3950x2560x1950 9900
AQ-JM25 225 9 700 48 YZR280M-8 55 4350x2800x2030 13500
AQ-JM32 320 9 700 56 YZR135S-8 75 4500x2850x2100 14800
AQ-JM50 500 9 800 65 YZR315M-8 90 4930x3050x2250 19500
AQ-JM65 650 10.5 3600 64 LA8315-8AB 160 5900x4680x3200 46000
Technical Parameters of AQ-JMM Series Friction Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JMM10 100 10 4800 30 YZR225M-6 30 1980x2650x850 6000
AQ-JMM16 160 11 1000 34.5 YZR225M-6 45 3350x1920x1320 9500
AQ-JMM20 200 11 3600 39 YZR280S-6 55 3500x1960x1320 10000
AQ-JMM32 320 10 3200 52 YZR280M-6 75 4330x2350x1760 16000
AQ-JMM55 550 5 2000 60 YZR280M-6 75 5000x2800x1900 22000

Structural Features of Winch Machines

Winch equipment is mainly composed of base, motor, coupling, brake, reducer, drum and open gear pair:

  • Winch frame is welded by channel steel, which is very robust and reliable.
  • The brake is a hydraulic block brake. Its working process is as follows: the hydraulic pusher is powered and pushes the lever, which will compresses the spring and releases the brake shoe; the hydraulic pusher is powered off, and the spring returns, so the brake shoe holds the brake wheel for braking.
  • The coupling is an elastic pin coupling, which has the characteristics of compensation and damping performance and convenient maintenance.
  • The reducer adopts JZQ series reducer, which has two-stage helical gear reduction, and is easy to use and maintain.
  • The drum is connected to the gear with the pin and bolt. The pin bears the torsional moment from the gear to the drum, while the bolt only acts as a clamp. The gear and the drum are fixed on the main shaft, which is supported on the support by a rolling bearing.

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Please fill out the contact form or email your inquiry to let us know your winch requirements in detail, so we can provide you with the correct quote:

  • Application of the winch and working environment, such as lifting, pulling, or used on boats for anchoring, mooring or towing.
  • Rated load or pulling force
  • Drum capacity (length and diameter of the wire rope)
  • Line speed
  • Electric, hydraulic or diesel engine?
  • Single or double drum?
  • Other winch options that you may need, such as rope spooling device, band brake, clutches, load limiter, limit switches, etc.
  • Other special requirements

You can discuss the above information with one of our winch professionals, who will will help you select the most suitable 50 ton winch system for your application.

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