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50 Ton Overhead Crane

Looking for a quality 50 ton overhead crane at reasonable price? You can rely on Aicrane!

We offer various styles of overhead bridge cranes, available in different configurations and designs to suit varied job sites and lifting requirements.

The company not only focuses on the design and manufacture of overhead cranes, but offer a full range of after-sales service, including the equipment installation, commissioning, 12-month warranty and staff training.

To get a 50 ton overhead crane price, contact us today!

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50 Ton Overhead Crane Working Video

QD type double girder 50 ton overhead crane has been installed in our customer’s workshop in Chile. The customer said that the crane worked very well.

Types of 50 Ton Overhead Crane For Sale

Depending on your lifting requirements and working conditions, there are several models for you to choose from:

AQ-QD double girder overhead crane

AQ-QD 50 Ton Overhead Crane Manufacturer
AQ-QD 50 Ton Overhead Crane

Model AQ-QD
Load capacity 50 ton
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-24m
Lifting speed 2.1-11.5m/min
Trolley running speed 27-40m/min
Crane running speed 42-75m/min
Work duty A3-A7

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  • This type of overhead crane is most frequently used for general lifting purposes in machine shops, warehouses, storage yards, etc.
  • It is ideal for lifting heavy loads like 50 tons and can be used in more frequent operation.
  • The machine can be controlled remotely using a wireless remote control or in a cabin depending on your requirements.

AQ-QDX European type overhead crane

AQ-QDX European Standard 50 Ton Bridge Crane Price
AQ-QDX European Standard 50 Ton Bridge Crane

Model AQ-QDX
Load capacity 50 ton
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-24m
Lifting speed 0.2-10.7m/min
Trolley running speed 2.4-33m/min
Crane running speed 4.2-68m/min
Work duty A3-A5

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  • Our AQ-QDX type overhead crane is designed in line with European standard, which has better appearance, compact size, high performance, less maintenance, low operating costs and long service life.
  • This crane is also more expensive than a standard double girder overhead crane.

AQ-NLH electric hoist overhead crane

AQ-NLH European Type 50 Ton Crane For Sale
AQ-NLH European Type 50 Ton Crane

Model AQ-NLH
Load capacity 50 ton
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 0.4-5m/min
Trolley running speed 2-20m/min
Crane running speed 3-30m/min
Work duty A5

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  • AQ-NLH overhead crane is built with AQ-ND electric hoist, which is designed and manufactured according to European FEM advanced standards.
  • The steel structure of the crane has reasonable and optimal design, which meets the requirements of strength, rigidity and stability.
  • What’s more, the design of the steel structure takes into account the convenience and possibility of manufacturing, inspection, transportation, installation and maintenance.

AQ-QB explosion proof crane

AQ-QB 50 Ton Explosion Proof Overhead Crane
AQ-QB 50 Ton Explosion Proof Crane

Explosion proof overhead crane is often used in explosive or flammable atmosphere to ensure safe and efficient lifting operation.

The explosion-proof performance of all motors and electrical equipment is in accordance with GB3836.2-2000.

The performance of the whole machine is in accordance with JB/T5897-2006.

AQ-QCL magnetic overhead crane with carrier-beam

AQ-QCL 50 Ton Magnetic Overhead Crane With Carrier-beam
AQ-QCL Magnetic Overhead Crane With Carrier-beam

Electromagnetic overhead crane is mainly used for handling metal sheet, scrap and other magnetic black metals.

The crane is a heavy duty system with work duty of A6.

The electromagnetic chuck is hung under the hook and can also be removed.

The rated load capacity includes electromagnetic chuck weight.

AQ-YZ foundry crane

Metallurgical Overhead Crane For Sale
Metallurgical Overhead Crane

Foundry crane is utilized under extreme working conditions, mainly used for lifting and transporting liquid steel ladle.

The crane can be custom designed and manufactured according to your special working environment and lifting requirements.

Technical features of foundry overhead crane include: insulated driver’s cab, insulated main beam, forged hook, motor of H-class insulation, high temperature resistant cable, steel core wire rope, forged or rolled wheel, lifting double brake.

Aicrane – A Reliable Overhead Crane Manufacturer

We help our customers to design and manufacture high quality overhead crane equipment to increase their work efficiency and safety, as well as streamline workflow.

We focus on the continuous improvement on our products and service to achieve full satisfaction of our clients.

We have a professional technical team to provide technical support and assist the clients to design the most suitable crane system for their unique applications.

If you are looking for a reliable overhead crane manufacturer, Aicrane can be your perfect choice!

50 Ton Overhead Crane Manufacturer

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  • Environment that the crane system will be operating in
  • What kind of goods does the crane lift?
  • How many hours does the crane work per day?
  • Number of cranes you require
  • Other special requirements

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