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50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist for Mexico

Our client in Mexico, who has business in local salmon farming industry, required a robust solution for lifting fishing vessels. Understanding the unique demands of their operations, Aicrane provided a 50 ton mobile boat hoist tailored to their needs. This mobile boat hoist can lift up to 50 ton vessel with their hoists and straps. It has four wheels which provide high mobility in the working area.

50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist for Mexico
50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist for Mexico

Tests of Mobile Boat Hoist in Factory

Upon completion of production, the mobile boat hoist underwent rigorous testing at our factory. These tests included a 360-degree rotation assessment, 45-degree oblique traveling, straight-line movements, as well as hoisting and transverse movements of a dummy load (representing the weight of a shipping container). The comprehensive testing ensured that the hoist met our strict quality standards and could perform flawlessly in real-world scenarios. Furthermore, we documented these tests with detailed videos showcasing the hoist’s capabilities. The testing process was recorded and provides our client with a clear understanding of the hoist’s functionality and performance under different conditions.

50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist in Factory
50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist in Factory
50 Ton MBH during Installation
50 Ton MBH during Installation

After successful testing, the 50 ton mobile boat hoist was ready for shipment to Mexico. The skilled shipping department of Aicrane ensured the safe transportation of the equipment to its destination, coordinating logistics to ensure timely delivery. Upon arrival in Mexico, our dedicated team of engineers and technicians facilitated the installation of the mobile boat hoist at the client’s facility. This process involved precise positioning, assembly, and testing to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Following installation, our team conducted comprehensive training sessions for the client’s operators, covering the hoist’s controls, safety protocols, and maintenance procedures. This training equipped the client’s personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to operate the hoist efficiently and safely.

The implementation of the 50 ton marine boat lift brought significant benefits to our client’s salmon farming operations. The hoist’s robust construction, precise maneuverability, and high lifting capacity allowed for efficient and safe handling of fishing vessels, contributing to improved productivity and operational efficiency. Additionally, the hoist’s mobility and versatility enhanced the client’s flexibility in managing their fleet of fishing vessels, optimizing their logistical processes and reducing downtime.

In conclusion, Aicrane’s tailored solution of the 50 ton mobile boat hoist for our client in Mexico exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality, customized lifting solutions that meet the unique needs of various industries, ensuring operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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