5 Ton Jib Crane for Sale

Are you looking for a 5 ton jib crane for your indoor workstation? The Five Ton Jib Crane may be the best perfect one, which is neither too heavy nor too light to lift the materials you intend to handle. Here in Ellsen, both heavy-duty jib cranes and lightweight jib cranes are available for you. Types of jib cranes include portable jib crane, floor mounted jib crane, small jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, rotating jib, wall mounted jib crane, etc. Any types of jib cranes, once we receive your order, whether you need a standard jib crane or a customized one, the jib crane engineers will develop the jib crane design especially for you.

5 Ton Jib Crane
5 Ton Jib Crane

Flexible Applications of Ellsen 5 ton Jib Cranes

You may have a small warehouse, workshop, or workstation, etc. and you need a jib crane 5-ton capacity to smooth your daily work. The 5 ton jib crane for sale in Ellsen can be flexible and easy to be used in your workshop. For warehouse and workstation application, it also can be equal to it. Clients of our Ellsen Winch Factory also buy our jib cranes for our jib cranes flexible usage. Since different working conditions are also very different for the jib crane requirements in sizes and shapes, Ellsen also welcome friends contact us with their special needs. Then, specially customized jib cranes will be on your side immediately.

Stunning Price of the 5 Ton Jib Crane from Ellsen Steel Mill Cranes Company

Factory and huge discounts. Since we have our own cranes factory, we can provide you our own top quality jib cranes directly. Thus, the price advantage is obviously which most of other jib cranes suppliers don’t have in such industry. What’s more, the company has been supported by the Belt and Road Initiative, so on the basis of the factory price of the jib crane we can offer to you, then we can offer discounts preferences to our customers whose countries are from the Belt&Road Initiative.

Ellsen BZ 5 ton Jib Crane for Sale
Ellsen BZ 5 ton Jib Crane for Sale

Use of Ellsen Wall Jib Cranes in the Component Manufacturing Industry

Ellsen wall-mounted jib cranes were used in the parts manufacturing industry. The factory production workshop uses two kinds of wall-mounted 5 ton jib cranes, one is I-beam or box-wall mount crane, the other is wall jib crane. Jib cranes have their own advantages, today mainly introduces Ellsen wall jib crane.
Application industry of wall-mounted jib cranes: Parts manufacturing (construction machinery industry components, hydraulic pumps and other products manufacturing, the main products are reducer, gear pumps, high-pressure gear pumps, multi-way valve, etc.)
Product type of the wall type jib crane: BXD-Ellsen type wall cantilever crane (wall-mounted)

Customer Requirements:

  • First of all, customers need multi-way steering valve placed on the test site for testing, and then check the steering valve placed in the transit car out of the workpiece does not exceed 40kg;
  • The customer had a faster work pace on site and asked to improve labor efficiency, and the site space was tenser and needs to avoid the column lifting program.
  • The purpose of the customer using the 5 ton jib crane: using the mobile cart to ship the multi-way valve to the testing station, the workpiece is from a small cart on the lift, placed in the test bench test.
  • After the test is completed, the workpiece is moved to the cart and transported out of the testing workshop.

Crane solutions available: Two wall-mounted jib cranes (wall-mounted), model BXD, each covering a table. Move the multi-way steering valve to the testbed with a mobile trolley and lift the work-piece from the small trolley using a Gaobo crane and place it on the test bench for testing. After the test is completed, the crane is used to move the workpiece to a small cart and out of the testing workshop.

Select the Types of Cranes based on advantages:

  • The height of the customer workshop is low and space is small.
  • It is not suitable for the lifting crane to borrow the wall of the plant according to the wall-mounted jib crane after site investigation and serious communication.
  • Wall-mounted jib cranes when not in use, you can set aside the wall close to the production, and pedestrians have no effect.
  • User commenFts: Ellsen Wall Jib crane looks beautiful, lightweight, to reduce the intensity of our work great help!

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