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5 Ton Explosion Proof Hoist Shipped to Thailand

Aicrane 5 ton explosion proof hoist was shipped to Thailand. The explosion proof electric hoist is used in the production workshop, and the lifting height is 34m. Since the customer’s production workshop is in a flammable and explosive environment, there are certain requirements for the explosion-proof grade of the hoist. Through our patient communication and understanding with the Thai customer, we recommend him to use our AQ-HB type explosion-proof wire rope hoist.

5 Ton Electric Hoist for Sale Thailand
5 Ton Electric Hoist to Thailand

Explosion Proof Electric Hoist Price Thailand
Explosion Proof Electric Hoist Thailand

Electric Hoist for Sale Thailand
Electric Hoist Thailand

Electric Hoist for Sale Thailand
Hoist for Sale Thailand

Characteristics of The Explosion Proof Electric Hoist Thailand

  • The hoist complies with the regulations of JB/T10222-2001 “Explosion-proof Wire Rope Electric Hoist”, and the explosion-proof grades are ExdⅡBT4 and ExdⅡCT4 respectively.
  • The explosion-proof wire rope hoist can be used alone with the fixed suspension track in the workshop, and can also be used together with the AQ-LXB explosion-proof suspension single girder overhead crane, the AQ-LB explosion-proof single girder overhead crane, and the explosion-proof hoist double beam overhead crane.
  • The explosion proof electric hoist is suitable for the explosive gas environment formed by combustible gas, steam and air with explosion-proof level not higher than B or C level and ignition temperature group not lower than T4 (135℃) group in the factory.

Technical Parameters of Explosion Proof Hoist for Your Reference

Explosion Proof Electric Hoist for Sale
Explosion Proof Hoist for Sale

Model AQ-HB
Load capacity 0.5-32t
Lifting height 6-30m (can be customized)
Lifting speed 0.3-8m/min
Hoist running speed 20m/min
Explosion-proof grade ExdⅡBT4, ExdⅡCT4
Work duty A3, A4

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