5 Ton Crane for Sale

There are many series of crane products with both light duty and heavy duty capacities in Ellsen. 5 ton crane are the hottest sale hoists in Ellsen. Heavy duty gantry cranes, overhead cranes are mainly used in the heavy industries, such as the foundry industry, construction industry, and the marine industry. However, Ellsen also provides our clients with small duty cranes for their workshops, warehouses. So the portable gantry cranes, the movable bridge cranes, 5 tons traveling crane, the five-ton jib cranes, the electric hoists 5 ton and the 5 ton overhead crane are available for our customers in Ellsen.

Ellsen 5 Ton Crane for Sale
Ellsen 5 Ton Crane for Sale

5 ton bridge crane for sale

5 ton overhead crane is one of a light duty bridge crane in Ellsen hot sale series crane products. This kind of overhead crane 5 ton is widely used in plants, workshops, warehouses, workstations, etc. for loading light duty materials. As for its cost-effective and flexible usage features, the 5 ton crane for sale is warmly welcomed by our customers both at home and abroad. The5 ton crane price we offer to you ranging from $3,000 to $10,000. For the specific 5 ton overhead crane quotation, please keep in touch with our 5 ton crane factory supplier.

Any specific customized bridge crane demands, please be free to contact us.

5 ton gantry crane for sale

Ellsen MH Box Type Gantry Crane With Cantilever 5 ton for Sale
Ellsen MH Box Type Gantry Crane With Cantilever 5 ton for Sale

Except for the heavy-duty gantry cranes, such as the double girder gantry cranes, the U-type gantry cranes, and the single girder gantry cranes, we offer to our clients for their heavy industrial usage. The heavy-duty gantry cranes are mainly used in the big projects, such as the bridge construction, oil drilling, marine shipment, steel foundering, etc. While in the warehouses, workstations, workshops, or family yards, there are surging demands on the light-duty gantry cranes. Here in Ellsen, to respond to our customers’ demands, we especially produce a series of light loading gantry crane 5 ton. This 5 ton gantry cranes feature flexible, cost-effective and adjustable. To this end, it always wins our clients’ recognition. And many of our clients also prefer to buy the 5 ton crane for their yard facility.

5 ton gantry crane specifications

  • Lifting Capacity: 5-200t
  • Span: 18-35m
  • Lifting Height: 6-18m
  • Lifting Speed: 3.5-12.5m/min
  • Travelling Speed: 28-45m/min
  • Working Class: A5

5 ton jib crane for sale

Customized jib crane consists of a horizontal load supporting boom, which is attached to a pivoting vertical column that is either free-standing or building mounted. They enable lifting and lowering of a load within a fixed arc of rotation. Jib Cranes can be provided in a variety of capacities and configurations including motorized rotation. Here in Ellsen, we would like to recommend the type of hot sale jib cranes to you: the 5 ton jib cranes. Or if you need some other type of customized jib cranes you can be free to contact us. Our Ellsen jib crane supplier will sincerely serve your demands.

Elslen 5 tons cranes for sale
Ellsen 5 tons cranes for sale

The Ellsen jib crane 5 ton price we offer to you is very competitive compared to the jib crane manufacturers in the same industry. That is because we are an integrated crane machinery company. We have our own jib crane factory. And we operate crane manufacturing, selling and innovation as a whole, so that is also the primary choice for our customers to buy our jib crane products.

5 ton jib crane (BZ type) parameters:

  • Lift Capacity: 0.25-20
  • Max Lift Height: 3-8m
  • Slew Angle: 360°
  • Level Travel Speed: 20m/min
  • Electric Motor Supplier: Siemens

Recommended working occasions for cantilever 5 ton crane

The cantilever crane factory of Ellsen crane factory can produce different kinds of jib cranes for different working conditions. Usually, the 5 ton crane can be operated in the following working conditions: for short distances, the jib crane features frequent usage, intensive lifting operations, with high efficiency, energy saving, easy, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance features.

Generally, there are three main features of cantilever crane:

  • Cantilever crane in the cradle for machinery manufacturing, railway, chemical industry, light industry and other industries production or maintenance occasions, especially in dense equipment, short lifting, the frequent operation of the production line application of this product more for increasing productivity.
  • Wall row jib crane is a new type of material lifting equipment developed on the basis of pylons jib crane. The walkway track installed in the cement column of the plant, along the track can do the vertical movement, while electric hoist can be completed along the selection of the lateral cantilever movement and vertical lifting. The aircraft has greatly expanded the scope of operations, more efficient use of the plant space.
  • Gantry crane ifting capacity of up to 2000 kg, any use of overhead cranes is not possible or uneconomical place can be easy to use. The gantry crane can be easily split into several easy-to-transport parts that can be quickly assembled in another place of use, a feature that can be beneficial on many occasions. I-beam rail gantry crane from the weight of up to 2000 kg.
Cantilever Gantry Crane
Cantilever Gantry Crane

Cantilever Crane Classification

Cantilever crane is to adapt to the modernization of production and production of a new generation of light lifting equipment, with the high reliability of the electric chain hoist especially for short distances, the use of frequent, intensive lifting operations, with high efficiency, energy saving, saving, accounting for small size, easy to operate and maintain.
Mobile jib crane boom is more flexible, widely adaptable. The efficient automatic production line is an essential single emergency lifting equipment, with it to ensure that the production line unimpeded. Classified by structure and usage working conditions, the jib crane can be identified by the following types:

Jib Crane for Sale
Jib Crane for Sale
  • Fixed column cantilever crane
  • Boom boom hanging
  • Wall cantilever crane
  • Portable gantry crane
  • Mobile cantilever crane
  • Two-arm cantilever crane
  • Wall row cantilever crane

Any types of cranes jib type are available to you in Ellsen cantilever crane factory.

Ellsen cutting-edge 5 ton electric chain hoist

Ellsen 5 ton electric chain hoists are high-performance products with cutting-edge technologies. Since we have been devoting ourselves in the crane innovation and development, we shall always supply the efficient electric hoists for our clients. The electric hoists five ton are one of a series of advanced lifting products from Ellsen. Following is a brief introduction to its technical highlights on different parts in a brake system, security devices, alarming systems, control systems, and hooks.

The best eye-catching technical highlights on 5 ton electric chain hoists

The most remarkable features of 5 ton electric chain hoist are three in one protection system dual brake system, double limit switches and the overloading alarm.

Compared to our electric chain hoists counterparts, the best differences of our electric chain hoists are our double brake systems. Disc type motor brake working with a mechanical load brake provides load lowering control. Electric brake designed for easy access and simple adjustment. To this end, its safety parameters are enhanced to a higher level.

In addition to the dual brake system, we also install double limit switches on our electric hoists five ton. The upper and lower limit switch can prevent over winding by stopping operation in the case of over lifting or overpowering. So, it also promotes the safety performance of the electric hoists.

5 tons cranes Fire proof limiter
5 tons cranes Fireproof limiter

Apart from the above two safety devices, there are also another one safety devices installed on our five ton electric chain hoists. That is the overloading alarm which is installed as the load detecting safety device to prevent overload for greater hoist longevity.

Overloading alarm system
Overloading alarm system

Next technical highlights are its push button control system whose compact design enables one-handed operation. Including the Rated NEMA 4 protection; Emergency stop button included. And its push button cable has strain relief to prevent cable damage.

5 Tons Wireless Remote Control System
5 Tons Wireless Remote Control System

And right here another light of our five-ton electric chain hoists we offer to you is its forged hooks. Its load hook is a forged carbon steel hook with a heavy-duty hook latch. Thrust bearing in hook allows 360° rotation to prevent twisting of load chain.

Apart from the highlights above, Ellsen brand five-ton electric chain hoists price is also quite competitive than our counterparts in the same industry. Welcome friends afar connect with our electric chain hoist manufacturer for the chain hoists quotation.

If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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