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32 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Made For A Saudi Arabian Client

Recently, we completed the production of a 32-ton double girder rubber tyred gantry crane, specifically designed to fulfill the load lifting and transportation needs of our Saudi Arabian client. With a focus on mobility and maneuverability, this crane aims to enhance material handling processes within the client’s factory.

32 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane
32 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For A Saudi Arabian Client

Specifications of the Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Saudi Arabian Client

  • Our double girder rubber tyred gantry crane comes equipped with practical specifications tailored to the needs of our Saudi Arabian client. With a load capacity of 32 tons, a span of 8.3 meters, and a lifting height of 6 meters, this crane is well-suited for various lifting and transportation tasks within the factory.

Manufacturing and Assembly of the Rubber Gantry Crane

  • The crane has successfully completed the manufacturing and assembly phase at our facility. Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians ensured that each component adheres to stringent quality and safety standards. The crane’s design prioritizes durability, ensuring a reliable performance throughout its operational life.

Testing Phase of the Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane

Before delivery, the 32 ton rubber tired gantry crane underwent a thorough testing phase, evaluating crane travel and hoist travel functionalities. The tests aimed to validate the crane’s performance under different conditions and ensure compliance with international safety standards.

Benefits of Our Gantry Crane for the Saudi Arabian Client

  • Heightened Mobility: The standout feature of our rubber tyred gantry crane is its exceptional mobility. Swift navigation within the workspace significantly improves agility and responsiveness in material handling operations.
  • Versatility in Material Handling: The crane has a substantial 32-ton load capacity, providing versatility in managing a diverse range of materials. Its lifting capabilities make it suitable for various materials, contributing to a more efficient workflow for our client.
  • Adaptability to Factory Layouts: The crane designed to accommodate different factory layouts. This adaptability optimizes space utilization, aligning the crane’s design with the specific needs of our client.
Double Girder Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane
Double Girder Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane

With a customized design to meet the unique requirements of our valued client in Saudi Arabia, we aim to contribute to the efficiency and productivity of our client’s factory. If you are interested in our rubber tyred gantry crane or seek a personalized design, feel free to reach out to us today. We look forward to addressing your needs and providing optimal lifting solutions for your material handling requirements.

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