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3 Ton Electric Winch Was On Its Way to Zimbabwe

AQ-JK 3 ton electric winch was on its way to Zimbabwe. This 3t electric winch is installed in the mine vents to lift underground materials. It is a sort of high speed electric winch with double brake and variable frequency speed control. The drum capacity is 220m and the speed is 3-30m/min variable speed.

3 Ton Electric Winch Shipped to Zimbabwe
3 Ton Electric Winch Shipped to Zimbabwe

Delivery of 3 Ton Variable Speed Electric Winch to Zimbabwe

The mining variable speed electric winch 3 ton is ready to be packed and delivered to Zimbabwe! For shipping, customers don’t have to worry. Aicrane has a professional shipping department to assist customers in transportation.

3 Ton Electric Winch With Double Brake
3 Ton Winch With Double Brake

Variable Speed Winch 3 Ton for Sale
Variable Speed Winch 3 Ton

3 Ton Electric Winch for Sale Zimbabwe
3 Ton Electric Winch to Zimbabwe

Electric Control Cabinet
Electric Control Cabinet

How to Install The 3 Ton Electric Winch in Zimbabwe

The 3 ton winch in Zimbabwe is very easy to install, since it has been assembled and debugged before leaving our factory. The customer only needs to make the foundation according to the drawing we provide. And after the equipment arrives at the site, connect the winch to the local power supply.

What Does The Zimbabwe Customer Say?

As you can see in the email below, the customer said he was pleased and satisfied with the 3 ton mining winch we supplied, and he decided to continue working with us to purchase more winches from us.

Contact Us For Electric Winch Prices to Zimbabwe!

Aicrane AQ-JK series high speed electric winches are suitable for construction, mining area lifting, civil engineering construction of factories and installation of small equipment. If you are interested in this type of winch, simply fill out the contact form below or email us with your requirements, including load capacity, drum capacity, speed, use of the winch, etc. Our sales manager will contact you and provide you with professional services!

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