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2 Ton Winch to Saudi Arabia

The 2 ton winch Saudi Arabia adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which is mainly used for flat pulling of materials at the customer’s site. There are several reasons why the customer chose the frequency conversion control electric winch:

  • Low failure rate and flexible control

    The variable speed winch not only has flexible control, simplified system, good detection and protection performance, and improved reliability, but also saves electric energy.

  • Improve the speed regulation of winch

    The winch can control the speed flexibly with the potentiometer, and it is stepless speed regulation.

  • Extend the life of the electromagnetic brake system

    Using frequency conversion control, the electric winch can hold the brake in the state of basically stopping, so the wear of the brake shoe is greatly reduced, and the braking effect is better than the ordinary winch.

2 Ton Electric Winch for Sale Saudi Arabia
2 Ton Electric Winch Saudi Arabia

2 Ton Variable Speed Winch for Sale
2 Ton Variable Speed Winch

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