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2 Ton Explosion Proof Electric Hoist For Sale to Malaysia

A Malaysian customer purchased our explosion-proof wire rope hoist. The capacity is 2 ton, and lifting height is 5m.

2 Ton Explosion Proof Hoist Malaysia
2 Ton Explosion Proof Hoist Malaysia

2 Ton Electric Hoist For Sale Malaysia
2 Ton Electric Hoist Malaysia

Explosion Proof Hoist For Sale
Explosion Proof Hoist

Explosion Proof Electric Hoist Manufacturer
Explosion Proof Electric Hoist

Electric Hoist For Sale Malaysia
Electric Hoist Malaysia

The client is mainly engaged in the coating business in Malaysia. Since its production workshop is in a flammable and explosive environment, there are certain requirements for the explosion-proof grade of the hoist.

After our patient communication and understanding with the client, we recommend him to use our HB type explosion-proof electric hoist.

The client is very satisfied with our product quality and service, and expressed his willingness to cooperate with us for a long time.

Test Video of HB 2 Ton Hoist:

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